7 Stylish Bathroom Mirror Cabinets That Make a Statement Piece

Published: 20th May 2022Read Time: 9 min

When adding a statement piece or finishing touch to your bathroom, a stylish bathroom mirror cabinet is a perfect bathroom furniture choice. Not only do bathroom mirror cabinets look spectacular, but they’re also thoroughly functional solutions to all bathroom types. When you choose the right bathroom mirror cabinet, you can stylise the room and add to its aesthetic appeal instantly. At The Bathroom Showroom, we have a wonderful selection of bathroom mirror cabinets to suit all tastes. Here we consider no less than seven of the very best mirror cabinets that we believe look fabulous in the bathroom.

Do You Need A Bathroom Cabinet?
When designing a bathroom, cabinets are essential bathroom units for so many people thanks to their multipurpose functions.
Considered by some as crucial bathroom vanities, they allow you to store various items while making it easy to reach for them when using the mirror to get ready.
For some people, these are crucial medicine cabinets, especially for families, that safely store important products out of reach of little hands while keeping them fresh and in one place.
Bathroom cabinets also act as additional storage units for those looking to hide away toiletries and other items that you’d rather not have out on display in the bathroom.
Yet, other fabulous functions in some of these multipurpose bathroom furniture pieces are their technological functions! Some bathroom cabinets showcase charging sockets, temperature-changing abilities, steam-free elements, and even wireless charging capabilities!
7 Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
  1. iflo Anora
The iflo Anora is a stunning bathroom mirror cabinet with lights that creates a fabulous first impression.
A dual-lit LED mirror cabinet, this boasts a double-sided illuminated 159 LED door.
With measurements of H700 x W502 x D141mm, this illuminated mirror is also steam-free.
Featuring sensor switches, this IP44 rated cabinet is safe and efficient for use in the bathroom.
Supplied with the wall fixings for easy installation, the iflo Anora benefits from a shaver socket, as well as an infrared sensor and demister switch. 
Inside this bathroom cabinet, there are three fixed interior glass shelves to hold those essentials.
Complete with a two-year guarantee, the iflo Anora is the ideal glass bathroom cabinet for those looking for functionality, practicality, and of course, a spectacular modern-looking bathroom cabinet.
2. iflo Single & Double Door
The iflo Single & Double Door is a slim bathroom cabinet that is visually sleek and showcases superb straight lines.
The single door model is available with a measurement of H670 x W380 x D120mm, while the double sink vanity model measures H670 x W500 X D120mm.
With a two-year guarantee, the iflo Single & Double Door consists of stainless steel and offers a polished finish. 
The mirrored glass door of this cabinet includes a chrome-plated pin handle, while 120° sprung hinges increase the unit's accessibility. 
With all fixtures and fittings included, the iflo Single & Double door is an easy-to-install bathroom cabinet.
Two tempered glass shelves are included inside the cabinet and can be adjusted and removed to suit.
What's more, this bathroom cabinet showcases a white gloss interior that is easy to clean. The iflo Single & Double Door bathroom mirror cabinet is the perfect model for any bathroom style. 
3. iflo Atlas
The iflo Atlas is a smooth and polished bathroom mirror cabinet that exudes elegance.
This is a double-sided illuminated LED cabinet that comes with a two-year guarantee.
With measurements of H700 x W600 x D138mm, this visually stunning cabinet boasts several impressive features. 
An integrated internal shaver socket is available alongside an infrared sensor and integrated demister pad. Better still, the iflo Atlas benefits from both internal and external lighting. 
With adjustable inner shelves allowing you to place them to suit, this is a thoroughly practical multipurpose bathroom cabinet.
The iflo Atlas is a fabulous modern bathroom vanity choice for contemporary and on-trend bathroom styles. It’s also an excellent choice for those looking for more from their bathroom cabinet choice.
4. Hib Eris
The Hib Eris is a stylish wall mounted vanity cabinet that promotes simplicity. 
With a mirror glass construction and aluminium finishing, this is a double-sided mirror door that allows you to use the mirror even when the cabinet door is open.
With a two-year guarantee, the Hib Eris measures 700mm in height and 130mm in depth but offers a selection of sizes to suit, including 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm.
Featuring soft-close hinges for gentle closing of this cabinet, such attention to detail also adds a touch of luxury.
Simple to install, the Hib Ebris is a bathroom cabinet choice for all bathroom types, regardless of style or decor, because of its decorative mirror profile. This means the mirrored cabinet reflects your bathroom walls and tiles, thus complementing the room perfectly!
5. Hib Xenon
The Hib Xenon is a handsome, non-fussy floating vanity cabinet that benefits immensely from the inclusion of an LED edge design. 
With a mirror glass/aluminium finish, the Hib Xenon is available at a height of 700mm and a depth of 130mm with choices of widths including 505mm, 605mm, 802mm, and 1205 mm and offers a two-year guarantee.
Another double-sided mirror door design, you can continue to use the mirror when the door is open. 
Including features such as soft close hinges for gentle closing action and an added touch of luxury, this cabinet is an IP44 model, making it safe for use in the bathroom.
Boasting colour temperature changing, a USB charging socket, and an integrated charging socket suitable for shavers, trimmers, and toothbrushes, the Hib Xenon is a multifunctional bathroom cabinet choice. Whatsmore, with the inclusion of a sensor switch, all you have to do is wave your hand under the sensor to turn the cabinet light on or off. 
The superb attention to detail on the Hib Xenon makes it a fabulous cabinet choice for modern bathrooms, bathrooms with families, and those looking for a thoroughly practical bathroom cabinet choice. 
6. Hib Vapor
The Hib Vapor is a beautifully designed wall-mounted bathroom cabinet that creates a statement in the bathroom.
Offering a two-year guarantee, this cabinet is available in measurements of 700mm height, 122mm depth and with a choice of widths including 500mm, 600mm, and 800mm.
Most impressive about the Hib Vapor is its many fabulous features. These include a proximity sensor that activates radiant LED illumination alongside internal heated pads. What’s more, these stay on for five minutes even when you move away. This brilliant gadget ensures that you can light up your bathroom cabinet, jump in the shower, and return to a mist-free mirror!
Better still, the Hib Vapor offers an under the cabinet lighting feature. This makes for a most atmospheric look and feel and brings a sense of luxury to the bathroom.
A mirrored glass cabinet with an aluminium finishing, this cabinet also provides an integrated charging socket, USB charging port, and a mirrored back panel. 
The Hib Vapor is an excellent bathroom cabinet choice for those looking to create a unique ambience throughout their bathroom design. 
6. Hib Verve
The Hib Verve is a mirrored bathroom cabinet that takes its gadget offerings to the next level! This impressive model offers a mirrored back panel, double-sided mirror doors, and mirrored sides. 
With a two-year guarantee, the Hib Verve is available in measurements of 900mm height and 150mm depth, with a selection of widths including 500mm, 600mm, and 800mm. 
Boasting a sensor switch, this model makes a brilliant shaving cabinet choice, thanks to the inclusion of a USB and shaver charging socket. It also features LED illumination and open storage that's also illuminated.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of all from this bathroom cabinet has to be its wireless charging pad. This is compatible with smartphones that have wireless capabilities.
The Hib Verve is an exciting bathroom cabinet that would work well in any bathroom decor and is a fabulous choice for those looking for a cabinet that offers several impressive functions. 
Bathroom Mirror Cabinets Add Style and Functionality to Any Bathroom Design
With a fantastic range to choose from, bathroom mirror cabinets have never been more functional.
What’s more, with some of the most on-trend designs available, modern specs, and plentiful storage space inside, these bathroom cabinets are suitable for all sizes and, indeed, all styles of bathrooms.
Why not take a look at our bathroom furniture guide for help on selecting the best type and size of bathroom mirror cabinet to match your needs?
If you’re considering adding a bathroom mirror cabinet to your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.