As we move into 2022, The Bathroom Showroom is excited to see what trends will take centre stage this year! Offering our take on the top eight styles, we look at how you can make the most of these trends in your bathroom.
  1. Digital Bathroom Products

In 2022, The Bathroom Showroom predicts that Bluetooth bathroom mirrors and digital showers will become sought-after products as we look to connect even more products and tech in our home to our mobile devices.
From the Hib range comes the Hib Connect model and what we think is the perfect mirror choice for all gadget lovers. This model offers a USB port, built-in charging socket, colour changes to the temperature of both top and bottom ambition lighting, a sensory switch, and a stream-free function. What's more, the Hib Connect eliminates the need for a separate radio or chunky speaker in the bathroom.
This fabulous model offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favourite playlists, whether you’re in the shower or standing at your bathroom mirror getting ready for the day ahead. Even better, with its sleek, modern look, the Hib Connect is a stunning bathroom centrepiece. This means it can work as a standalone wall attraction or can be used to complement any bathroom decor choices. 
For those looking to transform their bathroom even further, the penultimate addition of a digital shower is going to be one of the most spectacular 2022 shower trends. As suppliers of some of the most renowned Mira Digital Showers, we know that these are the most luxurious but equally self-sufficient shower choices that can be programmed to suit the showering preferences of every person in your home. With maximum coverage through additional shower-heads, all the digital showers in the Mira range offer ultimate control, whether through remote control or app, while perfectly complementing a contemporary bathroom. 

2. Bath Screens

At The Bathroom Showroom, we know that customers are keen to select antibacterial products and bathroom suites that are easy to keep clean. So, in 2022, we expect to see more of us replacing our shower curtains for bath screens.
The Bathroom Showroom thinks it will be frameless bath screens, like the iflo Kalhatti and iflo Apsley, that will take centre stage in 2022 as their clear glass-to-glass sealing works harder at reducing limescale. Accommodating all users, bath screens are easier on the eye and let the room flow, but most importantly, they’re the more hygienic choice, especially in a busy bathroom. All our bath screens boast an easy cleaning coating, making them easier to keep clean long-term.
Not only do we stock a wide range of bath screen styles and shapes to suit preferences, but we ensure the material used in our bath screens is toughened safety glass. With a standard 6 mm toughened safety glass used throughout many of our products, you’ll never have to compromise on health or safety, which means even families with children can switch from curtain to screen with ease this year.

3. Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories will play a vital part in bathroom designs during 2022. 
Though these items tend to be the smaller of bathroom additions, they can provide spectacular visual finishes when it comes to updating and modernising your bathroom. For those unable to create their dream bathroom just yet, selecting several well-chosen bathroom accessories from varied bathroom sets can keep this room looking fabulous.
Those bathroom accessories that draw the eye with their classic lines and contemporary styling will be the most popular choices in 2022. This includes modern high-quality chrome-plated finishes like the iflo Milton, iflo Kilworth, and iflo Hilbeck ranges, as well as chrome-plated brass seen in the stunning VitrA Minimax and VitrA Projekta products.
More on-trend this year we think will of course be increasingly popular matt black finishes. Some fabulous examples of these can be found in the Hib Atto Black and Crosswater MPro ranges. 
With many ranges boasting concealed fixings, these will be the accessories that are preferred for their simple and uncomplicated designs but the ability to coordinate, stylise and refine the bathroom area simultaneously. We're talking here of toilet roll holders with shelves, towel holders with shelves, towel rails, robe hooks, soap dishes, containers, glass shelves, wall-mounted tumblers, and wall-mounted toilet brushes and holders.
Ultimately, wall-mounted soap and liquid dispensers will certainly see an increase in 2022 as we all become much more aware of the importance of good hand washing and look to add practical but immensely stylish dispensers into our bathroom decor.  

4. Statement Bathroom Taps

2022 bathroom trends will involve making a statement with bathroom taps, and both traditional bathroom taps and wall-mounted taps will play a significant part when designing a dream bathroom this year.
Mixing the old with the new, traditional taps offer a touch of class to many bathroom decors. Luxury bathroom taps like those from the Abode Serenitie range work equally well in both modern and traditional decors as they boast a luxurious chrome or antique brass finish that immediately draws the eye. Equally as stunning is the sleek elegant Heritage Hemsby range of taps all beautifully finished in rose gold.
Another delightful tap trend emerging in 2022 will be that of wall-mounted taps. Distinct bathroom features, wall-mounted taps don't sit on the actual basin or bath but the wall above them. This not only makes them stand out in the bathroom but ensures you can clean around these areas with ease.
The Bathroom Showroom offers several fabulous wall-mounted taps from the CrossWater MPRO to the Abode Harmonie range. What’s more, if a wall-mounted tap takes your fancy, but you don't want to lose that traditional look, the Abode Serenitie and Heritage Hemsby also both offer gorgeous looking wall mounted bath and basin mixer taps, meaning you don't have to compromise.

5. Keeping and Displaying Houseplants in the Bathroom

With the fabulous surge of houseplant collecting during lockdown, we’re excited to see more people introducing houseplants to the bathroom.
Bringing the outdoors in, we've become more aware of greater bathroom health by owning plants as they improve the air quality. Yet, more of us are also noticing the stunning visual element that such greenery can add to a bathroom environment.
Providing a most invigorating and natural-looking display, adding plants to a bathroom can bring a sense of tranquility and calm the immediate environment. Most importantly here though is that houseplants can add to and complement almost any bathroom design when strategically placed.
We're talking favourites such as hanging plants like spider plants, decorative plants such as orchids to several bamboo variants. We also think people will become more daring and exotic with their bathroom plants in the months to come, considering the fantastic properties a humid environment like the bathroom can naturally offer here. 

6. Opting for More Natural Designs in Our Bathrooms

We think the natural look will offer fabulous modern bathroom ideas for more outdoor linked bathroom decor in 2022. 
Primarily, this will be achieved through letting in and making the most of natural light wherever possible to merge the outdoor world with that of the indoors. Then, when it comes to bathroom products, we’ll see textured tiles, stone, and wood being used more than ever to achieve this naturalistic look. 
Wall panelling inspired by materials from the natural world, such as the Linda Barker Collection will allow you to create a natural-looking bathroom using colours such as Stone Elements, Salvaged Plank Elm, and Calacatta Marble to name but a few. Likewise, The Neutrals Collection of wall panels with its delicate balance of neutral tones works perfectly when achieving a natural finishing.
When it comes to tiles, those on-trend natural stone effect tiles such as Mirage Grey will provide a neutral stone effect design. This will complement a most natural bathroom design, whether as a focal point or part of broader or feature walls. 
Furthermore, for those looking for bathroom inspiration to recreate both the look and texture of natural stone, the Aspen tile range is perfect for both walls and floors to achieve that most natural bathroom design.