A basin waste may be a small fitting, but it’s an essential functioning part that completes your bathroom basin. However, this is also the one element that's often overlooked when designing. 
Yet, what many people don't know is that there are several types and styles available. So, your basin waste can help perfectly complement your dream basin choice!
The Bathroom Showroom offers a quick, helpful guide to selecting the best basin waste.

What Are Basin Wastes?

A bathroom sink waste is a small bathroom fitting that allows you to fill water up in your basin. It works by sealing off the plug hole. Then, when you want to empty the basin, it allows water to drain safely down your basin's waste pipe. 

How Does Basin Overflow Affect Your Basin Waste Choice?

Before you choose your basin waste type, you’ll need to consider your basin overflow. The overflow refers to that small hole that you’ll find positioned towards the rim of the basin. 
The idea of the overflow is to provide an outlet for the water in your basin to drain away. This is important should your basin become too full. Such a safety feature prevents you flooding your bathroom, particularly if someone has left the tap running!
But, it's worth noting that not every basin design has an overflow. This is especially so with the many modern countertop basin designs we’re beginning to see more of. Whether you have a basin with an overflow or without will determine the type of basin waste you require. Two choices need considering here, including a slotted or an unslotted basin waste.
A Slotted Basin Waste: 
Those basins with an overflow will require a slotted basin waste. This type of waste is the most commonly seen and used. A slotted basin waste allows water to drain from the basin, whether the waste is open or not. 
An Unslotted Basin Waste:
A basin without any overflow feature will need an unslotted basin waste. Though not as common as slotted basin wastes, they’re being used more in decorative countertop basins. This waste type is watertight when closed. When opened, it drains the water from the basin into the main waste pipe. 

Are Basin Wastes All the Same Size?

It often surprises people to find that basin wastes are all the same size! You’ll find basin wastes measure 1 ¼”, that is 32 mm. So, once you’ve decided whether you need a slotted or unslotted, all that’s required next is to select the best design for your bathroom!

Basin Waste Options

  • Click Clack Waste
Perhaps the most popular of basin waste choices is the click-clack style. You may also hear this referred to as push-button waste or sprung waste
These waste types simply require you to push the stopper down to operate. This closes off the waste, allowing the basin to fill up with water. Then, when you want to empty the basin, you simply push on the stopper again. This then releases it so the water can drain away.
The Crosswater Universal Click Clack range offers a fantastic selection of four contemporary finishes. This means you can choose from chrome, brushed brass, brushed steel, or even matt black. All fast fix installations, each has a universal design meaning they’re suitable for slotted or unslotted applications. 
  • Pop-up Waste 
A pop-up basin waste design utilises a waste lever spring mechanism. This means that whenever you push or pull on the level, you can raise or lower the stopper. 
Pop-up wastes are neat and sleek designs that really do operate with a simple push down action to close and push again to open.
The Roca Basin Waste is an easy-to-use press-down pop-up waste choice. Designed for Roca basins, this is a chrome-finished choice that adds a luxurious touch. 
  • Flip Top Waste 
Considered to be the most fashionable basin waste choice, a flip top is extremely easy to operate. Featuring a stopper in the shape of a disc, here you can push on either side of the disc to open and close it. 
This smooth action is what lends to the name flip top. As the swivel action of the rotating disc is so simple you can seal the drain completely or reveal it in just seconds. 
The iflo Flip Top Basin Waste is a high-quality flip top waste design that offers all the convenience of a click-clack waste. With its chrome-plated plug, this is a fantastic streamlined design to suit most basins. 
  • Free Flow Waste
Free flow wastes do exactly that - let the water flow through freely. This means this basin waste type is permanently open. 
A more user-friendly choice, free flow wastes ensure water is continually drained from the basin and therefore work well with basins without an overflow. 
The Ideal Standard Basin Waste is a luxuriously looking free-flow waste choice. This is the ideal fitting for those homes whereby taps are often left on accidentally!
  • Plug and Chain Waste
Finally, and perhaps the most familiar and most recognisable waste choice for many is the basic plug and chain. So easy and simple in its design, the plug and chain waste is merely a plug attached to a chain!
When you want to fill the basin, you use the plug to seal the basin hole. Then when emptying it, you just pull the plug so the water can drain away. 
The Bristan Basin Waste is a fabulous traditional style choice. With a porcelain chrome plug, it’s constructed using slide brass and slotted for use with an overflow. This is the perfect choice for those bathrooms looking to recreate a traditional style bathroom.

The Best Basin Waste Will Both Work Well and Look Great

A basin waste is an essential part for all plumbed basins, working to keep your bathroom protected. And, with such a variety of choices, you can use this feature as a part of your bathroom design process. 
If you're looking for help choosing the best basin waste, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.