If your bathroom style is a gentle and elegant look, you’ll want to be sure when selecting a bathroom mirror that the design is also soft. A fantastic way of adding soft curves to your bathroom is through the use of stunning-looking circular mirrors.  Not only are mirrors immensely practical necessities, but they possess tremendous design possibilities when it comes to accentuating your preferred bathroom style.
Here The Bathroom Showroom shares with you some bathroom mirror inspiration by looking at several popular circular bathroom mirrors to help you complete the look.

What Bathroom Mirrors Are in Style Now?

A round mirror has always been a staple bathroom fitting and remains one of the most popular designs. A classic design and one that works well in both modern and traditional bathroom decors, a large round mirror positioned as a centrepiece in a gentle bathroom design makes for a fabulous focal piece. It can even help you plan your bathroom design outwards from this one choice. 
Yet, going one step further, round bathroom mirrors have become more detailed and stylistic in recent times. With most of them making the perfect fashion statement in bathroom suites, many designs are now incorporating additional features in their makeup, such as heat pads and colour-changing illumination.

Which Circular Bathroom Mirror is the Best?

With several spectacular round bathroom mirrors available, we have a style to suit all bathroom designs at The Bathroom Showroom. 
  • Hib Theme
If it’s a large round wall mirror that you're looking for then the Hib Theme offers three sizes, with the largest an amazing 1000mm in diameter. This is a simplistic design that fits any decor but promotes a spectacular backlit design that brings the room alive. Providing an essential ambience, the Hib Theme can transform a room from soft and cool to warm and invigorating in just seconds. Clean and minimal in its construction, this circular mirror choice also boasts a touch switch heated pad and colour temperature-changing abilities. 
  • Hib Solas
For a round wall mirror that stands to attention, the Hib Solas is a unique optimal mirror choice. Featuring a circle of LED lights that sit offset from the mirror surface, this creates an almost 3D effect. What’s more, this awesome design feature ensures you gain optimal facial illumination, similar to that of a professional stylist make-up mirror! Design-wise, the Hib Solas offers a choice of matt black, polished chrome, or brushed brass for the ultimate indulgent edition. With a sensor switch, heated pad, and colour temperature changing LED illumination as standard, the Hib Solas is available in several sizes ensuring the perfect fit for soft-looking bathroom decor. 
  • iflo Eclipse
A round led bathroom mirror that promotes a gentle floating effect, the iflo eclipse is the perfect minimalist mirror design. This makes a seamless addition to a gentle bathroom design as its 30mm slim profile creates a warm feel and visually opens up the bathroom. Yet alongside its calm, flowing look, the iflo Eclipse also offers tremendous features including infrared sensor control, a demister switch, and colour temperature changes. Furthermore, this circular bathroom mirror with light features a clever backlit LED. The result is a soft and even glow that enhances the ambience of your space.
  • Hib Bellus
If it’s a contemporary round mirror with a striking patterned feature, then the Hib Bellus is the perfect addition to a soft bathroom design. A beautiful piece and almost timeless feature, this mirror benefits greatly from touch-free operation while boasting a heated pad feature. With its colour temperature-changing element, the Hib Bellus promotes a stunning ambient glow that creates a delicate, calm, and sophisticated finishing touch. Lending itself to a most gentle aesthetic, this illuminated circular mirror choice would suit both a modernist and indeed classic bathroom decor. 

Round Bathroom Mirrors Lend a Soft, Warm Finishing Touch to All Decor Types

A great way of reducing the edges in your bathroom design and promoting a softer atmosphere, a round mirror can play a huge part in aiding a gentle bathroom style.
If you’re looking for help choosing circular bathroom mirrors,  book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.