When it comes to selecting the right bathroom accessories, a contemporary bathroom offers several fantastic choices. A contemporary bathroom is clean, refreshing and uncomplicated in its design. Therefore, the accessories that you choose here will ideally be inspired by this look. The Bathroom Showroom considers several bathroom accessories perfectly suited for a contemporary bathroom design.

What Does a Contemporary Bathroom Look Like?

Before you select your bathroom accessories, it’s worth getting an idea of what a contemporary bathroom is.
A contemporary bathroom is a bright, attractive and trendy design. It remains one of the most popular bathroom designs and is considered a classic choice by many when designing a bathroom.
Recreating a contemporary bathroom look through accessories is easy because it relies on selecting both decor and accessories from bathrooms that are on-trend right now.
Yet, regardless of trend, contemporary bathroom accessories will look stylish, luxurious and boast clean, sleek lines, hard angles and flowing curves.

What Bathroom Accessories Work Well in a Contemporary Bathroom?

The best accessories to select for a contemporary bathroom design include:

Heated towel rails

Gorgeous straight ladder heated towel rails are so on-trend right now. These popular bathroom accessories combine ultra comfort with efficiency while remaining clean, sleek and modern.
Intelligent designs, these must-have items keep your towels warm and fluffy but ultimately enhance the charm in a bathroom.
Contemporary tube-on-tube designs, such as the iflo Furnas, work well for this style, as does the rounded design of the iflo Socorro. Best of all, both models are available in chrome finishing which is perfect when aiming for a contemporary designed look.

Towel rings

Small and compact but thoroughly practical, towel rings lend a huge helping as contemporary bathroom accessories.
Those models with a high-quality chrome-plated finish and concealed fixings are simple unfussy designs. Best of all, these understated accessories complement a contemporary bathroom design through their stylish shine. The Roca Twin is a perfect chrome finished soft round towel ring.

Glass shelves

Always on-trend for their increased practicality, clean lines and overall clean-looking appearance in the bathroom, glass shelves are fantastic contemporary additions to any bathroom.
Better still, those that slot into visible chrome plated fittings, such as the VitrA Minimax glass shelf, encourage increased contemporary styling.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers

Never have wall-mounted soap dispensers been in demand than right now. Considered an essential for all bathrooms, soap dispensers look cleaner than plastic bottles spread across the sink area.
A most elegant-looking soap dispenser with frosted coverage and chrome-plated bottom, such as the VitrA Projekta, provides a fantastic finishing piece. Best of all, it is right on trend as a complementary bathroom accessory.

Toilet brush holders

Often overlooked when considering accessories, toilet brush holders are now more contemporary looking than ever.
Either freestanding or wall-mounted, toilet brushes and holders with chrome-plated finishes, like the Hib Atto Chrome, cleverly conceal one of the most problematic items in the bathroom while lending a stylish touch in the process.

Robe hooks

A robe hook is such a simple accessory but often left out when considering bathroom decor.
Chrome-plated finishing with a right-hand or left-hand installation, robe hooks provide stunning finishing touches, of which the Hib Atto Chrome robe hook is a perfect example.
Placed over doors or even dotted around the room on walls, these small but fully functional accessories work well in contemporary-style bathrooms by keeping robes and towels off the floor and in place.

Tumblers and holders

Finally, gaining popularity as small contemporary features are tumblers and holders for the bathroom.
Wall-mounted and fixed above the sink for ease of use, these accessories hold essential items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste but do so with style.
A model such as the VitrA Projekta toothbrush holder showcases a contemporary chrome plated look and keeps the basin clear and clutter-free.
If you’re looking for further inspiration, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.