If you’re in search of a new bathroom suite that’s guaranteed to make a statement in this space, then we’ve got the perfect match for you! Our top pick for this month is the spectacular Burlington Chalfont.
A bathroom furniture collection that simply oozes charisma, the Burlington Chalfont brings a touch of class to any style of bathroom décor, whether modern or traditional. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom considers the highlights of the Burlington Chalfont bathroom furniture collection. Looking at its many features, we consider just what makes this a stand-out choice to help you decide whether this bathroom suite could be the perfect fit for your needs.

The Burlington Chalfont: A Magnificently Designed Bathroom Suite

The Burlington Chalfont bathroom suite perfectly caters to both modern interiors and indeed those more traditional styled decors.
With its timeless distinctive look, soft features, and complementary finishings, this collection promotes a dramatic look and an effortless touch of class to any bathroom space.

Burlington Chalfont Bathroom Suite Colours

A compelling design feature of the Burlington Chalfont lies in the availability of a streamlined colour palette. From Matt Grey to Matt Blue and Matt Black to choose from, there is a stunning hue to suit many tastes and preferences here. 
  • Matt Grey: The colour Matt Grey is a neutral tone but one which adds an instant level of calmness when used in a bathroom setting. This is also a hue that works so well with a range of bathroom fixtures and fittings, complementing many other tones. 
  • Matt Blue: Strikingly modern, the colour Matt Blue helps create an individual space while lending character to the bathroom. With a balanced tone that doesn’t overwhelm, Matt Blue works so well for a variety of bathroom designs. 
  • Matt Black: A colour that only grows in popularity, Matt Black never goes out of fashion and works wonders when you want to make a statement in the bathroom.

Why Choose the Burlington Chalfont Bathroom Suite?

  1. Superb Detailed Crafting: One of the most obvious advantages of selecting the Burlington Chalfont bathroom suite has to be its visually intricate crafting. A bathroom suite fitted with attention to detail, this collection is second to none and a thoroughly durable suite that stands the test of time. 
  2. Varied Colour Selection: In no less than three colours, the stunning hues available in the Burlington Chalfont bathroom suite work effortlessly in both modern and traditional decor.
  3. Seamless Fit For Modern and Traditional Bathrooms: With its options of different coloured legs, including gold and chrome, The Burlington Chalfont can be exquisitely modern or equally at home in a more traditional bathroom design
  4. Affordability: Though the Burlington Chalfont is high on style, it does offer a reasonable price tag, helping homeowners upgrade their bathroom and create a slice of heaven without having to break the bank. The Burlington Chalfont price includes the vanity unit & basin, with legs and handle.
  5. Simple Long-Term Care and Maintenance Required: This bathroom suite includes in its materials a lacquered top coat that boats three layers of primer. This means with UV stabilisation, the Burlington Chalfont remains better for longer as such makeup minimises colour fading from sunlight exposure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What guarantee is included with this suite?
The Burlington Chalfont comes complete with a ten-year guarantee on furniture and Chalfont basins. 
2. What are the colour options for the leg handles? 
There are several leg colour options available with the Burlington Chalfont, including Matt Blue, Chrome, Matt Grey, Gold, and Matt Black. 
3. Are there any handle options offered?
There are two handle options available with the Burlington Chalfont including chrome and gold.

Get Your Bathroom Suite New From The Bathroom Showroom

By adding the Burlington Chalfont to your bathroom, you can instantly create the most luxurious space that really will be the talk of the neighbourhood!
Promoting the most luxurious of choices, this bathroom suite is from a prestigious collection and one that instantly promotes a wonderful statement feature.
Whether you’re looking to enhance a modern or traditional bathroom the Burlington Chalfont bathroom suite remains a most worthy contender for our top pick this month, 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and style. Visit our showroom or browse our website to explore the Burlington Chalfont collection today!
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