If you're looking for a bathroom suite that’s quintessential and creates a sought-after nostalgia, the iflo Hambleden could just be the one for you.
Our top pick for this month, the iflo Hambleden bathroom suite is an outstandingly stylish choice and one that promotes a most iconic look.  
Here The Bathroom Showroom considers some of the highlights of the iflo Hambleden, taking a closer look at its detailed and intricate design.
Highlighting some of its most stunning features, we examine just why this stunning suite stands out among others on the market and how it could make the perfect bathroom suite for your space.

The iflo Hambleden: A Stunning Bathroom Suite

The iflo Hambleden is an iconic bathroom suite that works equally well for traditional-style bathrooms as well as modern-style bathrooms. This is largely thanks to the incredible attention to detail seen throughout the construction of this bathroom suite. 
Making it the perfect addition to any style, design and décor of the bathroom, the iflo Hambleden promotes a sleek clean look throughout. What’s more, by emulating an Art Deco piece, this bathroom furniture collection resembles a work of art, instantly creating a dream space for all.

iflo Hambleden Colour Options

An undeniable standout feature of the iflo Hambleden is the eye-catching white high-gloss finish used throughout the collection. With a stunning reflective coating, this bathroom suite oozes that classical look with its strikingly clean, clear choice of white.
White gloss helps reflect the light which creates the illusion of a larger looking space, making it ideal when looking to light your bathroom. 
Furthermore, by taking a timeless white and offering soft oak or matt black via the addition of a coloured toilet seat from this collection, you can add a dash of colour effortlessly to break up the white, if preferred. 

Why Choose the iflo Hambleden Bathroom Suite?

  1. Superb Attention To Detail: The iflo Hambleden undeniably offers some of the most intricate detailing and the utmost attention to design detail. This is what enhances that most iconic look and creates a standout bathroom suite. 
  2. Art Deco Style: Boasting the most charming of designs, this bathroom suite brings a touch of art deco to a space with its chic classical styling.
  3. Timeless Fit: One of the great features of the iflo Hambleden is its ability to fit seamlessly into modern bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms, and traditional bathrooms. 
  4. Superb Low Price: Though the iflo Hambleden offers a most elegant bathroom furniture collection, you’ll never have to go over budget with some of the most fantastic low prices available throughout this suite. 
  5. Choices Offered: The iflo Hambleden price includes a basin and pedestal. Yet, there are several further options available here to create that perfect bathroom furniture collection, including close couple and back-to-wall toilets, and washstands. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantee does the iflo Hambleden offer?
There is a fantastic 25-year suites guarantee offered with the iflo Hambleden.
What size bathroom is the iflo Hambleden most suitable for? 
The iflo Hambleden bathroom suite is the perfect choice for all bathroom sizes, big or small, as well as en-suites and cloakrooms. 

Get Your Bathroom Suite New From The Bathroom Showroom

By selecting a bathroom suite like the iconic iflo Hambleden, you can create a bathroom of indulgence and elegance all the while creating a most timeless décor throughout.  
With some of the most spectacular attention to detail, it’s no surprise why the iflo Hambleden stands out as our top bathroom suite pick of the month. 
So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bathroom furniture, or create your dream bathroom from scratch, visit our showroom or browse our website to explore this beautiful bathroom collection today!
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