If you’re searching for a new bathroom suite that works in modern or contemporary bathroom decors, then Roca Domi may be the perfect fit for you.
Utilising ingenious styling and finishing with some superb soft features, this month's choice of bathroom suites lends a creative urban-inspired look to the bathroom.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom looks at the many impressive features of the Roca Domi, highlighting the varied options it provides homeowners with while helping you decide whether this stunning suite could be the one you’ve been looking for. 

The Roca Domi: A Modern-Contemporary Bathroom Suite

The Roca Domi bathroom suite collection works wonders in both modern and contemporary style bathrooms thanks to its use of urban design.
Helping to promote fantastic styling through its many features, the result is a stand-out fresh-looking bathroom suite that promotes a clean cut, all the while doing so by eliminating any harsh lines to finish with softer yet still on-trend features. 

Roca Domi Bathroom Suite Colours

Just one of the many fantastic features of the Roca Domi bathroom suite is its choice of colours. Working effortlessly to perfectly complement that urban-inspired theme throughout, the Roca Domi offers homeowners a selection of Nordic Ash, City Oak, Matt Arctic Grey, and Gloss White hues.
  • Nordic Ash: Nordic Ash is a classically luxurious rich brown that lends itself to a wonderful colour tone and promotes a rustic charm.
  • City Oak: Another natural hue, City Oak offers a rustic charm while promoting a modern look, yet all the while still retaining that classical feel. 
  • Matt Arctic Grey: With its chalky appearance, Matt Arctic Grey is the most luxurious of grey bathroom colour choices and has a neutral tone that works spectacularly under lighting.  
  • Gloss White: One of the purest of hues, Gloss White creates a clean look and works wonders in those contemporary spaces. 

Why Choose the Roca Domi Bathroom Suite?

  1. Unique Urban Design Features: A standout feature of the Roca Domi is its refined and industrial-inspired features that promote the most urban of décor, lending this space a rustic charm, and providing a great deal of character in the bathroom space.
  2. Use of Soft Finishes: The Roca Domi bathroom suite is wonderfully completed in the softest of finishes, truly adding to its character. With soft-close drawers and refined shaping, this touch of gentleness further enhances those urban features throughout. 
  3. Superb Construction and Performance: The Roca brand is a tried and trusted choice and an industry-favourite choice for many. With its superb innovative design and construction, a Roca bathroom suite fitted, like the Domi, is built to stand the test of time while promoting enhanced performance. 
  4. Affordable Pricing: Though the Roca Domi offers high-end styling and features, this bathroom furniture collection is incredibly well-priced, helping homeowners achieve luxurious styling with the high-end price tag.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any guarantees offered with this bathroom suite?
The Roca Domi comes complete with a two-year guarantee on furniture. 
2. What further designs are available in this bathroom furniture collection?
The Roca Domi provides homeowners with a choice of several design variations including a two-drawer vanity unit & basin, a two-drawer vanity unit & right-hand basin, a two-drawer vanity unit & left-hand basin, a high furniture leg option, and a high furniture leg option with towel rail.

Get Your Bathroom Suite New From The Bathroom Showroom

The Roca Domi bathroom suite can help you upgrade your space in style, blending modernity with classical indulgence while effortlessly enhancing the décor of your bathroom. 
Promoting a sought-after and on-trend urban feel, the Roca Domi is fully deserving of our bathroom suite pick of the month. 
So, why not take this opportunity to transform the look and feel of your bathroom and create an instant on-trend style? Visit our showroom or browse our website to explore the Roca Domi collection today!
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