If you’re looking for a bathroom suite that effortlessly works in both modern and traditional bathroom décor, then the VitrA Serenada could be the one for you.
Offering some of the most beautiful timeless features, our favourite suite for this month is exceptional at making itself at home in a range of bathroom styles.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom highlights the advantages of choosing the VitrA Serenada. Considering its many design features, we look at why this suite stands out, ultimately helping you decide whether this could be the perfect bathroom suite for your needs.

The VitrA Serenada: A Delightful Bathroom Suite

The VitrA Serenada is a striking bathroom suite that manages to work perfectly for both a modern bathroom setting and indeed a traditional one.
A classical style, the subtle detailing around the ceramic of this suite creates a design that sits perfectly between all décor types.
Simplistic, but with superb attention to detail and its durable glaze finishing, the VitrA Serenada is a perfect choice of bathroom suite for any bathroom, regardless of style or size. 

VitrA Serenada Colour Options

Undeniably, one of the many standout features for homeowners is the eye-catching white glazing finish of the VitrA Serenada. This crisp, clean finish not only commands attention but ultimately promotes a brighter space as the light reflects wonderfully against it. 
White: A colour that works in every space, white helps expand the room while lending an indulgence to bathroom décor. Always a popular choice, a white bathroom suite exudes cleanliness and works wonders when used to either complement or contrast with many other colours in this room. Better still, with a white bathroom suite as your canvas, you have a creative licence to add colour to your bathroom in many other ways.

Why Choose the VitrA Serenada Bathroom Suite?

  1. High-Quality Craftsmanship: The crafting that has gone into the construction of the VitrA Serenada is second to none. The result is a spectacular-looking bathroom suite that looks fantastic.
  2. Practical Features: A wonderfully functional bathroom suite, the VitrA Serenada is suitable for use with fitted furniture solutions and can also be used with concealed cisterns. With top fix toilet seat hinges, the dual flush cistern of this suite also works to aid water savings. 
  3. Seamless Décor Design: With such versatility, the VitrA Serenada fits modern, traditional, and contemporary bathroom styles. Integrating seamlessly into all decors, this allows you to easily personalise your bathroom to suit your design requirements.
  4. Super Pricing: With some of the most accessible pricing, the VitrA Serenada offers immense quality all the while being budget-friendly. This helps when looking to update your bathroom design while staying on track financially. 
  5. Ease of Installation and Ongoing Maintenance: Finally, the VitrA Serenada requires minimal effort upon installation. This means a bathroom suite fitted as a straightforward and hassle-free job. And, with its use of durable glazing for the coating, this bathroom suite remains a low-maintenance choice to care for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What toilet options are available with the VitrA Serenada suite?
There are two options available in the VitrA Serenada bathroom suite including a close-coupled toilet and a back-to-wall toilet. There's also the option to select a standard toilet seat or a soft-close toilet seat in both of these choices. 
2. Are there any guarantees with the VitrA Serenada?
The VitrA Serenada offers two fantastic guarantees including a ten-year guarantee on suites and a two-year guarantee on toilet seats. 

Get Your Bathroom Suite New From The Bathroom Showroom

Upgrading your bathroom has never been easier with the VitrA Serenada bathroom suite. The perfect fit for all bathroom styles, this is a bathroom suite that blends in seamlessly with any décor while its spectacular finishing promotes a standout choice. 
A firm favourite and our well-deserved pick of the month, the VitrA Serenada works so well in so many bathrooms while lending a much-appreciated timelessness throughout its unique design.
For more information on our VitrA Serenada bathroom suite, browse our website or book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.