Child-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Published: 11th Mar 2022Read Time: 4 min

Whether you have plans to completely renovate, or simply want to update a few features in your existing bathroom to ensure it is more kid-friendly, we’re here to provide you with some essential bathroom design ideas that will help to transform this room into a safe space for the whole family. A bathroom needs to be accessible, functional and comfortable, and when small children are frequently running in and out of it, it must be practical and free from danger, too. Here are some tips on how to design a child-friendly bathroom, while still maintaining a stylish look.

Anti-scald technology

Hot water can be a hazard for younger children that don’t understand temperature differences. To guarantee that your kids never get scalded when they’re showering or washing their hands, ensure that you invest in a thermostatic shower and tap for the bathroom. These types of showers and taps will allow you to set a maximum water temperature, ensuring that your little ones are kept out of harm’s way.

Shower screens

Bath and shower time can often mean play time for kids, which can result in a lot of unwanted water on the floor! Keep your floor tiles splash-free – and your bathroom chic – by incorporating a large bath shower screen in your child-friendly bathroom design ideas.

Soft-close toilet seats

Everyone knows that children can be both clumsy and noisy. They often drop things, throw things, break things and hurt themselves, so if you have the chance to stop any of these things from happening, you should take it! Bathroom safety for children is your number one priority, so prevent the chances of them trapping their fingers and slamming lids by picking up a soft-close toilet seat.

Open Shelving

Encourage your children to put things back by putting up some open shelves in your new bathroom. By fitting these in an easy-to-reach location, your kids will be able to see where things belong and can then help with cleaning the bathroom after they have used each item. For the items that might need to be kept out of their reach, you can put shelves much higher up on the walls.

Textured floor tiles

Tiles are versatile, come in a range of colours and sizes and are extremely easy to keep clean. However, wet floors can be a big issue in bathrooms, so it may be best to choose textured tiles, which will help to prevent slipping.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is another great addition to a child-friendly bathroom, as it not only provides luxurious warmth for little – and big – feet every day, but it also helps to dry off floors a lot quicker after the bath or shower has been used.
When you choose this heating option, there will no longer be a need for radiators in the bathroom, so you also won’t have the worry of your little ones hurting themselves on sharp edges or hot surfaces.
Plus, once it has been installed it requires little to no maintenance, which is perfect for parents that don’t have much time to spare.


With a number of people sharing one bathroom, it can often get quite messy. This room not only has to house toiletries, but also medicines and toys. A lot of these you won’t want on display, so investing in smart storage solutions is extremely worthwhile.
Depending on the amount of space you have available, there are many handy storage units to choose from, including wall-hung designs and free-standing pieces. If it’s a particularly tight room, you may also want to look into combination units, and these will allow you to have all the essential elements that you need in your bathroom, but will also provide you with the space to hide the items you don’t wish to have out.
If you’re hoping to transform your bathroom into a safe family space, then book in for a personal design appointment with one of our talented in-house designers. For more inspiration, you can also download our brochure and get planning your perfect kid-friendly bathroom.