When it comes to cleaning a bathroom, this is one chore most of us would rather avoid! With a high volume of traffic and used daily, bathrooms are a magnet for dirt. Yet, they’re also a room where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. Therefore, there’s no getting away from cleaning here.
However, there is a way to reduce your bathroom cleaning time while creating a healthier and indeed attractive bathroom environment in the process. The answer is to install wall-hung furniture.
Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we have a spectacular collection of wall-hung units from bathroom suites that encourage an easy clean process.

Selecting Furniture To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner For Longer

The key to maintaining an easy-to-clean bathroom is to start with a good design layout. This means developing a heightened awareness of general cleanliness and considering those areas that require the most attention when cleaning.
By designing your bathroom to keep as much of your furniture off the floor, flush, touch-free, and rimless, you make it easier to maintain this room. But, such a practical design doesn't have to compromise on looks. Those sharp, clean, and stylish lines can also be aesthetically pleasing.
Whether you’re designing an entirely new bathroom or looking to update your current bathroom suite, the exquisite iflo Rhea and iflo Serino collections help your bathroom stay cleaner for longer.

Easy Clean Bathroom Furniture

Wall Hung Toilets
A wall-hung toilet, like the iflo Rhea and iflo Serino, is perfect for an easy-clean bathroom. Unlike standard toilets, wall-hung toilets are suspended off the floor. This means that you instantly eliminate any build-up, scum, hair, and dirt that you usually get around a standard pan base. With a gap underneath a wall-hung toilet, it’s effortless to run a cloth, mop, or brush over this space.
Both the iflo Rhea and the iflo Serino are rimless toilet designs. With a box rim flushing action, this means when you flush the entire pan is cleaned, so you don’t need to drag a brush or cloth around the rim. There’s also no hiding place for bacteria and limescale to develop over time. Not only does this clever flush design reduce your cleaning time, but it also ensures the toilet remains hygienic.
With the ability to hang at a height to suit the user, both toilets offer a soft seat closure with a quick release that allows for an easy cleaning process. 
Wall Hung Countertop Basin Units
By placing a basin on a wall-hung unit, you take yet another piece of bathroom furniture off the floor. When selecting a wall-hung unit such as the iflo Rhea or iflo Serino, you can add a basin from the collection to it with ease. 
Having your basin at this level instantly means any bathroom cleaning is a breeze as you can reach under these units while reducing potential dirt build-up here. Installing wall-hung basin units also keeps the flow of light streaming through this section of your bathroom. This can help greatly by opening up the design of the room in the process. 
Another great concept about a wall-hung countertop basin is that it can be positioned at a comfortable height to suit. These ergonomically designed wall-hung units make using the basin more practical and easier, as a result.

Wall Hung Storage Units

The iflo Rhea and iflo Serino furniture collections offer a selection of wall-hung units that can be used for multipurpose storage solutions and as a wall-hung vanity unit. Once again, having these units positioned off the bathroom floor reduces items and products being left out, with iflo Serino wall hung units providing a drawer organiser for added convenience.
Most importantly, by positioning your wall-hung units some way off the floor, you again provide a spacious and clean bathroom floor area. What’s more, if you can select those wall-hung storage units that boast a push-to-open feature, you reduce the number of touchpoints in your bathroom. The iflo Serino furniture collection offers a handleless design feature if you don't want to add handles to your wall-hung units.

Wall Hung Units Are Spectacularly Low Maintenance Bathroom Additions 

Both the iflo Rhea and iflo Serino suites with their collection of wall-hung units add a fresh and modern feel to any bathroom design. With clean finishes, these suites allow you to design a bathroom that reduces both cleaning and maintenance time. 
If you can incorporate such easy clean bathroom designs like these, you instantly minimise corners, edges, hidden nooks and crannies, and any other places where dirt can accumulate in this room. 
Ultimately, designing your bathroom with minimal bathroom furniture equals minimal cleaning effort.
If you want to design an easy-clean bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.