One of the many challenges faced by small bathrooms is that of a sense of space. Many small bathroom layouts look cluttered, which instantly makes them feel disorganised. However, even if it isn't possible to build on and increase the size of your small bathroom, it is still possible to make this room feel bigger. Best of all, it doesn't have to cost too much to achieve such an effect. Creating the illusion of space in a small bathroom is easy to do when you know how. The Bathroom Showroom offer several clever ideas to make your small bathroom feel bigger.

Use Natural Light Where Possible

Small bathrooms tend to look and feel dark, so any access to natural light will instantly combat this. By opening up the area around your bathroom windows and letting in as much natural light as possible, you can illuminate this room and features such as mirrors and lights. If your bathroom windows are small, you could consider widening them or even adding a skylight.

Keep Colours Light and Bright

The most practical colour for a small bathroom is white, but you can also consider beige, pale, soft, and light hues. What’s more important about your colour choice though is ensuring you keep the room all the same colour, across the walls and even into your flooring choice. This repetition ensures a sense of continuation and instantly uplifts a small dark bathroom.

Utilise Mirrors

Mirrors work hard at enhancing space because they allow light to bounce off the surface. However, mirrors work better when they are frameless, like the iflo Vela, or if the frame is also mirrored as they provide a seamless look on the wall. Better still, if you can position your mirror opposite light reflecting tiles, you can double this effect.
Lights can help with space but only when used correctly. When placed around, on either side or above a mirror, you increase the light emitted around the room. A decorative pendant light, like the Spa Vela, installed in the middle of the room and in front of a mirror also brightens the entire room as it reflects light.

Use a Clear or Frameless Shower Screen

Dark coloured and tinted shower screens can stop the flow of a bathroom in its tracks. So, for a small bathroom, screens that are clear, frameless or semi-frameless will encourage a sense of continuation. They also allow light to stream through this area. The iflo Metz L Shaped Bath Screen is a clear screen and perfect example of a space-saving solution for a smaller bathroom.

Be Mindful of Tile Positioning

At The Bathroom Showroom, we recommend white or light colour tiles when increasing the sense of space in a bathroom. But, it’s how you position your tiles that matters most in this small area. Large white plain tiles, like those from the Ground Collection, fixed in a diagonal pattern can work on increasing both the length and width of a small bathroom.

Install a Wall-Hung Cabinet With LED Lights

A way of combining storage, light and mirror solutions to enhance space is to use LED lights on wall-hung cabinets.These cabinet types leave space underneath and look sharp and streamlined. The iflo Atlas cabinet is a stunning addition to a small bathroom particularly because it offers double-sided illuminated LED doors. The iflo Serino furniture collection also boasts sleek wall-hung units that can be installed at heights to suit.

Place Hooks on the Bathroom Door

Small bathrooms can easily become cluttered if several towel racks are placed over the walls. The back of the bathroom door can take off the pressure here with hooks, racks and rails. But, if you can't go without a towel rail, select one small-sized heated towel rail for the job such as the iflo Furnas towel radiator. This small electric model can be positioned to maximise bathroom space.

Using Design Tricks to Help You Create the Impression of a Bigger Bathroom

Creating an illusion of space is often a case of making small but crucial changes. These are the differences that will leave a visual impression of the room being bigger than it is.
If you're looking for ways on how to make a bathroom look bigger, the above ideas will provide the perfect solutions to small bathrooms.
If you’re looking for help on creating space, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.