Centre-stage in your bathroom, vanity areas can often be the first fixtures we see when we enter a bathroom. Usually, in a heavy-traffic section of the room, vanities can stylise a whole bathroom space. Yet they also need to be a practical and functional area that works for everyone. So, how do you get the balance right when creating your bathroom vanity area? Here, The Bathroom Showroom helps transform your space to create a stunning bathroom vanity area.
What Is a Bathroom Vanity Area?
By definition, a bathroom vanity is a combination of a basin and a storage structure. Some bathroom vanities use a mirrored bathroom cabinet in the centre of this setting. However, when there’s enough storage space in the units, some set-ups can just add a large bathroom mirror.
A bathroom vanity area is a functional part of the bathroom where a lot goes on every day. From grooming and pampering to taking time to compose ourselves in the mirror. A vanity area has to be well-designed to cope with the demands of the home and everyone's needs. 
Therefore, not all bathroom vanities are created equally! Yet, this means you have more scope for creativity here when designing a vanity area in your own bathroom.

Bathroom vanities usually consist of a combination of:

  • Basins
  • Units
  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Mirrors

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When maximising space in small bathrooms, wall-hung vanity units are perfect additions. Wall-hung furniture can be fitted at a height to suit. This means you're less restricted when choosing where to position it. What's more, wall-hung furniture creates a fabulous illusion of space, both in looks and feel. Boasting efficient storage solutions, you don't have to compromise because of reduced bathroom space.
  • Start with an iflo Serino Wall Hung Unit. A slim, stylish cabinet, this also comes with a drawer organiser as standard.  
  • Place an iflo Countertop Basin on this to create an instant basin area. A countertop basin provides a minimal design but emphasises creativity in a smaller bathroom.
  • Complete your smaller bathroom vanity section with the iflo Serino Column Unit. These can be placed on one or both sides of the basin area. The iflo Serino units are ultra-slim additions that complete a unique, stylish look. 
Add an iflo Single Door Cabinet above your wall hung unit. With adjustable and removable glass shelves, this is a more slimline cabinet version that helps where space is reduced. With an easy-clean mirror, this cabinet choice not only offers increased storage space but has a mirror. This means you don't have to buy these separately here.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Big Bathrooms

Big bathrooms can accommodate more units and, therefore, more storage in the vanity area. This is because they're less limited in dimensions. With potentially increased width, freestanding bathroom furniture works perfectly in these bathroom types. This furniture type includes full units, cupboards, and storage units. Ultimately it allows you to position it to suit and change around easily if required. This means you can add to or even take away from your bathroom vanity area as time goes by.
  • Start with a Roca The Gap Suite Basin and Base Unit. With the basin included in this stunning furniture piece, this unit offers deep drawers. These additions are ideal for the vanity area. 
  • Add a column unit from the Roca The Gap Suite collection. This functional piece of furniture optimises your larger bathroom space with its elegant lines. For maximum impact, you could add one of these column units to either side of your base unit. 
  • For the ultimate centrepiece on your bathroom vanity, add the 600 x 1400 mm Hib Globe mirror. With the option to position it in portrait or landscape, this is a stunning mirror that works well in a large bathroom.  As the base and column units offer plentiful room, you could choose to forgo the bathroom cabinet here.

Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity Furniture Pieces for Bathroom inspiration

A bathroom vanity is an area of the bathroom that can be made to suit. It's also a fixture that can thoroughly reflect a homeowner's personality. Adding some creative flair, you can fully personalise this area to promote a stylish but functional section. 
If you're looking for help choosing the best vanity units, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.