A long and narrow space can seem challenging when contemplating your dream bathroom. This is because these spaces lack plentiful floor space and often feel cramped in their layout. But, you don't have to compromise on an attractive and functional bathroom design just because your bathroom is shaped differently. So, how do you make a long narrow bathroom work? Surprisingly, all it takes is a little creativity and several clever design tips.

10 Long and Narrow Bathroom Layout Designs and Ideas

1. Go For Simplicity

Working with the minimalist look in a long and narrow bathroom will keep the look and feel of the room light and roomy. Rather than cramming everything in and packing it tight, first, consider what essential permanent fixtures you need from your bathroom and then work to space them out evenly to increase the flow around this room.

2. Keep It Predominantly White

Using white as your main colour will instantly open up the space and create the illusion of the room being larger than it is. Whether you opt for paint or tiles, white or soft light hues can also seem the cleaner of colour choices. If you want to add dashes of colour, look at doing this through your accessories.

3. Add in Accent Colours for Contrast

If bold colour choices are your preferred style, you could work in accent colours into key places within the room to keep it looking spacious. Aim for bold tones on your units or even within your flooring choices to jazz up the room a little. You could even add a metallic accent for extra sparkle.

4. Pick a Simple Wall Hung Suite

Wall hung units offer room underneath which creates a sense of flow throughout the bathroom. This is because they break up the space. By installing wall hung furniture to match your suite and placing these units under a mirror, you don't need to compromise on a vanity area. The iflo Serino Wall Hung Units boast a sleek push to open feature, eliminating handles.

5. Be Clever With Storage

Long and narrow bathrooms require storage units that use available space to the fullest. Over the toilet storage units work perfectly at making use of wasted space. It’s also worth working with what you have and adding storage baskets and boxes to current units to store as many items as you can.The iflo Aliano Furniture collection works wonders here as it allows you to match vanity units with practical storage units.

6. Eliminate Clutter

Small fixtures will reduce clutter in a long and narrow bathroom. Added above the sink, these include soap dishes, toothbrush holders, tumblers with holders, wall-mounted soap dispensers and small glass shelves. All of these accessories can be found in the iflo and VitrA collections.

7. Get the Best Tiling Pattern

Large plain light-coloured tiles work wonders in long and narrow bathrooms because they encourage a seamless effect. However, if you can create a diagonal pattern throughout the bathroom using tiles, like those pattern variations in the One tile collection, you'll also increase both the width and length of this awkward bathroom space.

8. Make Your Floor the Focal Point

Though clear and plain walls are recommended in a long and narrow bathroom space, you can still go all out on your flooring choice. Whether you choose patterned decorative tiles, like the Rockingham collection, or brightly coloured soft vinyl or dark vinyl click flooring, a statement floor draws the eye towards it, making the bathroom appear longer.

9. Maximise Your Lightning

Because of the shape of a long and narrow bathroom, you may need to consider layering your lighting. One fixed pendant in the centre of this room may not be enough to emit light to all areas of the bathroom. Multilight sources though will illuminate the room and open it up in the process. Consider task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting to balance light sources here.

10. Add a Large Round Mirror

Not only do large mirrors encourage light to bounce off them into the room, but a round style can soften a rather harsh long and narrow bathroom layout. Round mirrors eliminate those harsh edges of square and rectangle-shaped mirrors, thus opening up the wall. The iflo Eclipse, with its slim profile and backlit LED lighting, creates an amazing floating effect.

Long and Narrow Bath Spaces Offer Compromise

These long and narrow bathroom ideas should help when designing your dream bathroom. Why not take a look at The Bathroom Showroom on Pinterest for even more inspiring designs and ideas?
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