Downstairs toilet ideas to make the most of a small cloakroom space

Published: 30th Mar 2022Read Time: 4 min

Though a cloakroom may not be the biggest room in the home, for many, it's certainly the one that’s seen and used most by visitors. Therefore, you may want to ensure this room makes as good a first impression as possible. However, such a small room design can pose many challenges especially if this area is used frequently in your home. The Bathroom Showroom has some fantastic downstairs toilet ideas to help you make the most of this essential room. Whether you want to be creative here or make this room look bigger, these small cloakroom toilet ideas are easily achievable.

What Can I Do With a Small Downstairs Toilet?

There’s so much potential to design and create a most spectacular space with a small downstairs toilet. Though it can often be the more awkward of smaller spaces, it’s also one that doesn't have to match the rest of the home.
Additionally, a small downstairs toilet only requires the most basic of fixtures and fittings to function fully.
There are several areas to concentrate on when increasing the potential of this space. These include flooring, panelling, toilet choice, sink choice, storage, towel radiator and door choice.


Though this room may be small, there’s potential to go all out on your flooring choice here. Provided that you keep the walls of your downstairs toilet clear and light, you can experiment with bold colours and statement shapes on the floor instead to really raise the vibe of this room.


White or light-coloured wall panels will render this space unique and make sure your downstairs toilet remains cleaner. Whether you choose to panel all the room or half, wall panels, like those from the Heritage Collection, are stunning low-maintenance choices that can transform a small space.

Wall Hung Toilet

A wall-hung toilet is a space-saving fitting that increases the room you have to move around in. With a sleek design, a wall-hung toilet choice such as that from the iflo Rhea Suite saves inches when compared to a standard sized toilet as the cistern is not out on display.

Cloakroom Sink

A cloakroom wall hung basin is so easy to install and a most durable sink choice for a downstairs toilet. A reduced-sized sink from the iflo Rhea Suite will create the illusion of a bigger room as it opens up the space around it. Cloakroom sinks with soft square designs look neat and defined.

Clever Storage Solutions

Downstairs toilets benefit greatly from corner storage units and corner containers. Though accessories should ideally be limited in this space, a tall corner unit or several containers that store toilet rolls, a towel or two, and essential accessories will work wonders here.

Small Heated Towel Radiator

A small heated towel radiator keeps towels hung and dry while providing a touch of warmth to this small area. An electric towel holder, like the iflo Furnas can be positioned anywhere in the room for maximum effect and ultimately provide the perfect finishing touch.

Sliding Door

Finally, by replacing your standard door with a sliding door, all users can easily access a downstairs toilet. Better still, a sliding door literally takes up no space inside a small cloakroom space, so it’s, therefore, a winning situation here.

Simple Ideas Can Turn a Small Cloakroom Space Into the Talk of the Neighbourhood

A downstairs toilet or small cloakroom space doesn't have to be an afterthought as a home improvement.
As these ideas have shown, there’s so much you can add to, create and improve in this small area. Ultimately, you can turn this often-overlooked room into one your visitors will be more than happy to use every time.
If you’re looking for further ideas, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.