If you’re looking to save money in the home, the bathroom is a great place to start. One of the busiest spaces in any home, this is the room where we use as much as 34% of water consumption! So, if you have an old, inefficient shower, this will greatly impact your energy usage. Yet, by replacing this with the most energy-efficient shower, you can actively reduce your bills in this room. 
With so many fantastic energy-efficient designs available, as energy prices continue to rise, there's never been a better time to upgrade your current model. Here the Bathroom Showroom discusses the benefits of energy-efficient showers, highlighting several of our most popular choices. 

What Is an Energy-Efficient Shower?

An energy-efficient shower will primarily use less water and less heat than a standard shower. Yet, what makes a shower a more energy-efficient performer is the additional features it can offer to further reduce energy consumption.
  • Provides a high EPC rating
An energy-efficient shower should offer a high EPC rating. An EPC, an energy performance certificate, or in this case a sticker, is what you’ll find on household appliances. It tells you how energy efficient your shower is from a rating of A, meaning most efficient, to G, the least efficient. So, selecting the highest rating here will ensure you get an ultra-efficient shower choice that is cheaper to run.
  • Has an energy-efficient shower head
Shower heads that promote an even spray pattern from every nozzle, have a deluge-style shower head, or actively work to eliminate limescale build-up are all more efficient choices. Such energy-saver shower heads will ensure the shower head is kept clean and runs to maximum capacity thus eliminating water waste and ensuring all-around efficient performance. 
  • Offers a good wattage
The higher the wattage of your shower choice, the more powerful it will be in performance. This means it will work to heat your water to temperature quicker. The result is a more powerful performance while maintaining consistent pressure. Higher wattages of 8.5kW and above are the more energy-efficient choices. 
  • Features the option of an eco-mode
Some energy-efficient showers have an eco-mode button in their design. When activated, this works to reduce the power consumed, meaning less electricity is needed to heat the water to the desired temperature. What’s more, an eco mode can help cut down the amount of water consumed during regular showering sessions. 

What Is the Most Energy Efficient Shower Type?

An electric shower is considered the most energy efficient thanks to its reduced requirement for power when heating the water and its reliance on just a cold water feed. Electric showers are also considered to be the easier choice when installing. Yet, digital showers are also energy-efficient choices as they allow you to personalise your showering experience, making them ultra-efficient. So, if you’re looking to further reduce your shower costs, it's important to look out for those features we mentioned above.

Energy-Efficient Electric Showers From The Bathroom Showroom

We have a fabulous selection of stunning-looking energy-efficient showers from Mira Showers, including the Mira Sport, Mira Sport Max, Miza Azora, and Mira Azora Dual.
Our Mira electric showers feature a selection of benefits to choose from including Mira Clearscale Technology, Opti-flo technology, Sensi-flo technology, Mira Airboost technology, and Thermostatic temperature control, to name just a few. With a choice of wattage available from 7.5kw to 10.8kw, all four models are reasonably priced and provide superb cost-cutting qualities when it comes to helping reduce energy bills long term. 

Energy-Efficient Digital Showers From The Bathroom Showroom

Our super vast selection of digital showers provides flawless design and performance from the sought-after Mira Showers and Aqualisa brands.
With models including the Mira Mode, Mira Mode Dual, and the Mira Mode Maxim Dual, features across this range include access to the Mira Mode app, powerful and immersive showering performance, award-winning shower head designs, full customisation, eco settings, a selection of programmable functions, and Cloudcore technology, to name but a few. 
Meanwhile, the Aqualisa Quartz Classic is a thermostatically controlled shower complete with LED display that offers remote control as well as a fantastic eco mode on the smart valve. Such impressive options save water as well as help reduce energy bills.

Energy-Efficient Showers Help You Save Energy, Water, and Money 

Selecting the best shower choice can make all the difference and completely transform your showering experience. Better still, opt for a powerful performing shower that is energy-efficient and everyone in the home can benefit from this choice, all the while worrying less about ongoing running costs. 
If you’re considering a new energy-efficient shower, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.