When completing your dream bathroom, bathroom flooring can make or break your design. Flooring choices in this room can express a statement and make a valuable design impact.
Yet, the choices we select also need to withstand a harsh and unforgiving wet environment. Bathroom flooring needs to balance stunning design with hard-wearing properties. It also should be easy to maintain and keep clean!
You may be designing a new bathroom or want some bathroom ideas to update. Here, The Bathroom Showroom discusses the most popular bathroom flooring to complement your dream bathroom.

What Is Best for Bathroom Flooring?

The best bathroom flooring choices include tiles and vinyl flooring. These two choices offer a fabulous selection of materials and finishings. Yet, best of all, the scope for fabulous patterns and colours here is astounding. 
Bathroom Floor Tiles
Bathroom tiles have always been a popular choice as flooring options. This is primarily thanks to the many different designs that tiles can provide. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are more suited to the bathroom environment.
  • Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain is considered the toughest of tiles when it comes to flooring materials. This is because of its hard-wearing and non-porous properties. So, porcelain tiles have a greater ability to repel water.
What’s more, by using porcelain tiles for your floor, you ensure a longer-lasting solution. Porcelain tiles are durable choices and work hard to withstand wear and tear.
Best of all, porcelain tiles are considered the easiest of tiles to not only maintain but also clean. This means you keep them looking as good as new long-term.
A Bathroom Flooring Tip: 
Porcelain tiles like Lux Marble are perfect for luxury-inspired bathroom designs. With their semi-polished finish, these also make for great additions when trying to recreate that spa-look bathroom.
  • Ceramic Tiles
Hard-wearing ceramic tiles are also stunning bathroom flooring choices and provide a fine design solution. Though, ceramic does tend to absorb more water than porcelain. So, for this reason, they'll require regular sealing. 
Ceramic tiles may also need ongoing maintenance to keep their superb look. Yet, ceramic tiles are often considered less expensive than porcelain due to their make-up. This makes them more affordable if you’re working to a bathroom budget. 
Ceramic is also claimed to be a simple tile choice to keep clean and is resistant to staining.
A Bathroom Flooring Tip: 
Ceramic tiles like those from the Soleil range are stunning matt glazed ceramic tiles that are beautifully on-trend. This collection offers several pattern choices to work with. Soleil tiles also boast a durable vitrified ceramic material. This further helps to encourage a long-lasting tile choice. 
Bathroom Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring is a fabulous way of bringing in a thoroughly natural look to your bathroom. An affordable option for many, vinyl flooring is perhaps the easiest choice to install. Most vinyl flooring choices don’t require the use of any adhesives.
Boasting a soft underfoot feel, vinyl flooring is water and heat resistant. This makes it ideal for such a wet environment and for use with bathroom underfloor heating. 
Though, you may not find as many colours and patterns for vinyl flooring just yet. Yet it's certainly gaining in popularity and is a fabulous choice for luxury-style bathroom designs. 
  • ClickLux Flooring
ClickLux flooring is said to be the next generation of luxury vinyl tiles. Complete with built-in underlay, this is a durable and low-maintenance flooring choice.
Compiled of an SPC, that is, stone polymer composite, this is simple to install with its fabulous locking system. Best of all, ClickLux flooring creates a luxuriously warm feeling underfoot while aiding sound insulation. 
A Bathroom Flooring Tip: 
Our ClickLux range is available in several fabulous nature-inspired choices. These help complement a most natural bathroom theme This is also a wonderful flooring choice to accompany a sensory-friendly bathroom
  • Click Flooring 
Click flooring emulates tongue and groove tiles or planks and is an effortlessly interlocking vinyl flooring choice. Requiring no adhesive when laying, this bathroom flooring choice boasts a hard-wearing surface.
A Bathroom Flooring Tip: 
Click Flooring from industry giant Multipanel provides a delightful range. This features stunning stone effect and wood effect choices.Perfectly emulating nature, this is a most serene choice for any bathroom environment. 

Which Is Best Vinyl Flooring or Tiles?

Ultimately, you’ll want to consider your circumstances before making your final decision. You’ll need to factor in what flooring style fits your look, your lifestyle, and your budget for those perfect results. 
  • Tiles offer more scope for design features, they’re extremely durable and provide plentiful options to suit all budgets. Yet, they can become slippery when wet. And they can break if heavy items are dropped on them.
  • Vinyl flooring is simple to install, affordable, a designer-looking choice, and beautifully soft underfoot. Yet, this can become damaged and scratched over use and is harder to replace or repair when compared to tiles. 
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