High-quality bathroom accessories can complement a dream bathroom in several ways. With many accessory ranges offering spectacular finishes, bathroom accessories enhance your current decor. If you’re looking to add finishing touches, accessories can stylise this entire room. Bathroom accessories can also help update your bathroom when you aren't ready to overhaul it or don’t have the funds. Ultimately, many bathroom accessories make life easier when performing bathroom duties. But, what are the best bathroom accessories and what should you consider when choosing such products?

What Is the Best Material for Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom accessories need to be resilient to cope with the demands of this often harsh environment. This means their material needs to hold up against moisture - and cope well with being handled. Also, bathroom accessories should be easy products to clean and maintain. So the accessories that you choose should be of superb quality with common material choices including:
  • Zinc alloy
  • Chrome 
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Resin
  • Stainless steel
  • Stone
What Bathroom Accessories Do I Need?
It’s a good idea to note what you'll need beforehand as not all bathroom accessories are necessary. A list will ensure you get the best choices while saving you money by eliminating products you won't really use. 
When planning your bathroom, consider the essentials and what accessories would benefit this room? These are some of the most popular bathroom accessory choices on people's lists:
  • Towel Rings
  • Towel Rails
  • Toilet Roll Holders
  • Soap Dish Holders
  • Toilet Brush Holders
  • Containers
  • Grab Bars
  • Robe Hooks
  • Dispensers
  • Tumblers
  • Shelves
  • Drawer Organisers
High-Quality Bathroom Accessories From The Bathroom Showroom
The Bathroom Showroom has compiled a quick guide to the must-have bathroom accessories. Showcasing our best-selling ranges, these stunning products work wonders in this room.
The iflo Milton, iflo Kilworth, and iflo Hilbeck bathroom accessory ranges are all composed of a durable zinc alloy and finished with a high-quality chrome plating. 
These ranges are sold with all fixings, which can be concealed, and are easy to fit. 
Accessories in the iflo Milton range include a toilet roll holder, towel ring, robe hook, soapdish holder, towel rail, glass shelf, and a complete bathroom accessory pack or cloakroom pack.
The iflo Kilworth range includes a towel ring, toilet roll holder, robe hook, soap dish, glass shelf, and a complete bathroom accessory pack or cloakroom pack. 
The iflo Hilbeck also comes with a wall plate that allows you to use the same fixing points left by your old accessories. Bathroom accessories from this collection include a soap dispenser, towel ring, double robe hook, toilet roll holder, glass shelf, and a complete bathroom accessory pack or cloakroom pack.
The Roca Twin bathroom accessory range boasts a chrome finish and encourages a gentle soft round look. Fixed with screws or adhesive, it includes a towel ring, toilet brush holder, towel rail, toilet roll holder, soap dish, and robe hook.
Meanwhile, the Roca Victoria range is similarly constructed but offers classical lines to finish. This range showcases similar items to the Roca Twin range while including containers.
The Crosswater MPro bathroom accessory range provides matte black and chrome options, allowing you to match your current bathroom decor. Simplistic and unfussy in design, these accessories are easy to use, clean, and maintain. The Crosswater MPro range includes a toilet roll holder, towel ring, toilet brush holder, and robe hook. The Hib Atto Chrome and Hib Atto Black bathroom ranges are spectacular and on-trend. These elegant bathroom accessories offer a chrome-plated finish or a matt black for those modern black bathroom accessories. Items from this range include toilet roll holders, towel ring, robe hook, grab bar, towel rail, wall-mounted, and freestanding toilet brush holder, and wall-mounted soap dispenser and tumbler.
The VitrA Projekta bathroom accessory range is a vast selection constructed using chrome-plated brass but provides a modern chrome-plated look. Supplied with all fixings, these are concealed for a clean installation. Products here include towel holders, a liquid soap dispenser, bathrobe hook, toilet roll holder, floor standing toilet brush, shower caddy, and a selection of shelving. The Heritage Clifton gives an alternative look to bathroom accessories with its stunning traditional styling features. With a brass construction, this durable range includes a soap dish holder, toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder, robe hook, tumbler with holder, towel ring, towel rails, shelf, and soap basket.
Taking Bathroom Inspiration From Your Accessories
For those with a large or busy bathroom, accessories can keep all essential items neatly in their place. For small bathrooms, accessories can keep the space functional while reducing clutter.
Overall, selecting the right bathroom accessories will help with the day-to-day smooth running of this essential room. If you're looking for help choosing those best bathroom accessories, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.