Without limiting yourself to one or the other, a shower bath is a fantastic addition to any bathroom. Not only is it stylish in design, but most importantly, it's a thoroughly practical function. Here we take a closer look at what a shower bath combo is while highlighting three of The Bathroom Showroom’s best-selling shower baths.

What Is a Shower Bath?

A shower bath combines a standard bath with a shower. The result is increased functionality of a two-in-one while reducing the floor space that having both a shower and bath separate takes up.
At first glance, a shower bath looks like a standard bath with a shower system mounted above it. Yet on closer inspection, the difference is the area next to the shower. A shower bath expands at the shower end to accommodate the room and space needed for showering. For this reason, you’ll find that shower baths are typically available in two shapes. These include P-shaped baths and L-shaped baths.
A P-shaped bath is a curved style. This means it showcases an almost circular look at the shower space end. An L-shaped bath, on the other hand, is more angular. This means it displays a square look at the shower end.
Overall, whatever the shape of the shower bath you choose to install, the best bath shower combination will allow for unrestricted movement alongside a comfortable showering experience. It also means you can continue to get the many benefits of bathing and opt for a soak in the tub whenever it suits you.

The Top 3 Best-Selling Shower Baths from The Bathroom Showroom

  • The iflo Rennes Shower bath
The iflo Rennes is a charming P-shaped shower bath that offers a choice of capacity from 215 litres to 230 litres and a left-hand or right-hand tap hole. 
With sizes of 1500 x 700mm or 1675 x 750mm available, the widest point of this shower bath is 850mm. 
The iflo Rennes boasts a fully encapsulated baseboard. This gives it that additional rigidity. Made from 5mm acrylic, the iflo Rennes is finished with timber rim enforcement. A curved matching shower bath screen is also available for this model.
  • The iflo Rennes EVO Shower bath

The iflo Rennes EVO is a superb shower bath choice thanks to its inclusion of fantastic EVO technology. 
As a more superior product over the standard version, this bath features a second coating of Glass Fibre Reinforced plastic. This makes the plastic more rigid and aids heat retention. 
Available as a P-shaped bathtub, the iflo Rennes is a 1675 x 750mm shower bath. With a right-hand and left-hand tap hole, the widest point of the Rennes shower bath is 850mm. The maximum capacity of the iflo Rennes is 230 Litres. This shower bath model also benefits from a 5mm acrylic with timber rim reinforcement and a fully encapsulated baseboard for additional rigidity. 
A curved matching shower bath screen is available for the iflo Rennes EVO shower bath.
  • The iflo Metz Shower bath

The iflo Metz is a sleek L-shaped shower bath with a choice of right-hand or left-hand tap hole. 
The 1700 x 700mm model offers a capacity of 240 litres, with the 1500 x 700mm offering 190 litres. 
The iflo Metz is made with 5mm acrylic and includes a timber rim reinforcement. It’s also finished with a fully encapsulated baseboard that ensures increased rigidity. The widest point of the Metz shower bath measures 850mm. 
There’s also a matching L-shaped shower bath screen available for this model.

Make Bath and Shower Time Fabulous With a Shower Bath Choice

With these stunning bath and shower combos, never again will you have to compromise between taking a shower or taking a bath. A shower bath is ideal for small bathrooms, family bathrooms, and en-suite bathrooms. It can help make a statement or provide enhanced practicality. Overall, this is one bath type that ensures both a comfortable showering and bathing experience for all members of the home.
If you’re considering installing a shower bath in your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.