With the festive season upon us, many of us will be welcoming extra guests into our homes over the holidays. One of the busiest rooms in terms of traffic, the bathroom is certainly put through its paces at this time of year. Some bathrooms can just about cope with the daily demands of their usual occupants, let alone several extra people using its facilities. Fortunately, there are several ways of getting through this peak traffic time without having to spend a fortune. The Bathroom Showroom offers four quick ways to get your bathroom Christmas ready.

1. Add More Storage Solutions

There’s no getting away from the essential items for a bathroom, but they don’t always have to be out on show especially when you have guests.
The iflo Aliano Furniture collection offers several wall, column, toilet and vanity units that allow you to declutter and tidy this room promptly.
For temporary solutions over the door hooks allow you to add baskets, bags, or other hanging solutions to maximise your door space.
Waterproof shelving units pull things off the floors and onto the walls. Several stacked on top of one another are the most practical, so you can add vertically to suit your bathroom dimensions.
Portable storage trolleys can also be maneuvered around the bathroom to make more space.

2. Install a Heated Towel Rail

With more traffic in your bathroom over the festive season, the last thing you want is wet towels dotted around this room. This encourages a build-up and increase of moisture leading to dampness.
Heated rails are functional and practical as they work to heat the bathroom itself efficiently, not just the towels. This means your rail works harder to combat the moisture in the air.
Towel rails need not be expensive, and there are some fantastic shapes, styles, and dimensions to offer solutions to your exact measurements.
The Towelrads Elcot model is a small but stylish electric towel rail, offering well-spaced bars for several towels.

3. Add Essential Finishing Touches

Though these won't necessarily free up traffic, they will keep the bathroom functioning better, making the overall experience pleasant for everyone over what can be a long festive period!
Replacing your shower curtain is inexpensive but can offer protection from mold and mildew built up from increased use.
Purchase more than one bathroom and toilet mat to see you through the holidays. These mats work hard to protect the floors as much as possible.
Finally, reduce the number of towels and robes left scattered around the bathroom by placing some robe hooks on the walls or doors, like those from the VitrA Minimax range.

4. Tackle Crucial Maintenance Jobs

Whereas many people’s attention turns to cleaning this room for a good impression, often what’s missed are those more trivial tasks.
his includes the drains, leaky taps and washers, air vents and extractor fans.
As well as using your hands to clear out the sinks, a good sink and drain solution should be applied, and any leaky taps tended to avoid any overspills.
Now’s the time to check the air vents are open and the extractor fans are clean and working. With extra visitors, these will all be put through their paces.
Ensure any window air vents are kept open, and even consider keeping a bathroom window ajar throughout the day to allow this room to clear quicker.

New Year, New Bathroom?

After the festive celebrations are over, you may well rethink the practicality of your current bathroom. So, with a new year ahead, why not consider designing your very own dream bathroom?
Catering to all budgets, from small improvements to complete overhauls, The Bathroom Showroom offers an amazing 3D virtual design appointment. Therefore, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home to create the bathroom of your dreams!
Book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom, and let our team of experts turn your dream bathroom into a reality.