When it comes to exceptional bathroom fittings, a shower toilet is perhaps the most innovative of them all! Once a rare bathroom addition, these toilet types are certainly growing in popularity as many homeowners look to increase hygiene in the home. 
For those yet to discover the wonder of shower toilets, there is often a lot of speculation regarding their features, their purpose, and indeed their overall look in the bathroom. Yet, a shower toilet could just be the next bathroom fixture you've been looking for. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom looks at this fabulous design and considers its many advantages.

What is a Shower Toilet?

Firstly, it’s worth clarifying exactly what a shower toilet is all about. A shower toilet is a combination of a functional standard toilet and several cleaning properties. Sometimes referred to as a washlet or, more commonly, a bidet, 21st-century shower toilets make superb use of technological features. 
Considered the new generation of smart toilet choices, the result is a more luxurious and modern fixture for the bathroom and one that promotes high levels of cleanliness.

How Does A Shower Toilet Work?

A shower toilet offers individual users several operating choices, yet in its simplest form, it sprays a gentle stream of water. This stream can usually be changed by position and indeed temperature. 
Some models will also provide a dying process, front and rear washing, air purification options, heated seats, and even night lights! Yet, the overall effect and indeed aim of a shower toilet is to provide a shower-like experience every time you've finished using the toilet.

Why Are Shower Toilets Becoming More Popular Choices?

  • A shower toilet is more hygienic as it encourages a hands-free process. This means improved cleanliness, thus promoting well-being, and removing more bacteria and germs than toilet paper can
  • They reduce the need for toilet paper, for many eliminating it completely, making them sustainable and eco-friendly choices
  • Shower toilets help reduce potential skin irritations caused by using toilet paper 
  • Offering maximum comfort, many consider shower toilets an added luxury to their bathroom design
  • Plumbing problems are reduced as eliminating or greatly reducing the need for toilet paper means less clogged pipes
  • All household users can use a shower toilet - with everyone benefiting from them, including the young and elderly
  • Many shower toilets are sleek, streamlined models, thus taking up minimal space in your bathroom
  • Can be fitted into both complete bathroom renovations as well as existing bathrooms with minimal disruption

Showcasing the Roca Adena In-Wash Shower Toilet 

The Bathroom Showroom is proud to offer the Roca Adena In-Wash Shower Toilet. A strikingly slimline appearance, this is the most compact of toilet designs that is guaranteed to fit neatly into many bathroom styles. 
Boasting both a front and rear cleaning function, the Roca Adena benefits from automatic and adjustable nozzle functions, This means that users can select the nozzles to move both forward and backward to suit. Also, the water pressure and temperature can be controlled through the adjustable nozzle positions while ensuring an automatic nozzle cleaning. Last, but no means least, the Roca Adena shower toilet provides a thoroughly comforting warm air dryer to finish. 
With the ability to be retrofitted to an existing bathroom and a new bathroom project, the Roca Adena is a charmingly ambitious modern shower toilet that's suitable for all bathroom types, designs, and styles.

Shower Toilets Offer Continued Peace of Mind For All Users

A shower toilet is a small but outstanding design that is simple to operate and an incredibly effective smart function for any bathroom. What's more, with the ability to reduce your impact on the environment, these toilet solutions can actively improve and change all user bathroom habits for the good, long term.
If you’re considering adding a shower toilet, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.