A dream bathroom wouldn’t be complete without the addition of underfloor heating. A smarter and cleaner way to warm your bathroom, underfloor heating is the penultimate in luxury. 
Removing the need for additional heating resources, underfloor heating can be your primary heating source. Or you can use it to simply warm your bathroom floor. 
Yet, in a time of increasing energy prices, is underfloor heating expensive to run? Here, The Bathroom Showroom looks at how cost-effective underfloor heating really is.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a system of either pipes or wires installed underneath your bathroom floor. The result is a giant heat element that warms the entire room.
Providing warmth and comfort from the ground up, UFH is the most comfortable heating solution. It's a system that works on lower operating temperatures than radiators. 
UFH can be used with stone and ceramic flooring tiles. It also works well with wooden flooring and vinyl choices like Click Flooring and Clicklux.

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost to Run?

Electric underfloor heating, like that from Prowarm, is often considered the cheaper and easiest to install. As a bathroom doesn't need heat for long periods of the day, it can be programmed to turn on and off as and when you need it.
Electric UFH is more efficient in smaller rooms of the home, such as bathrooms. This is especially so as a bathroom doesn't need that much heat overall. 
A simple way to understand underfloor heating bathroom cost is to compare it to several regularly used electrical household items: 
  • Running electric UFH cost - 2msq pack - £0.32 per day  (4 hours 150w matt @ £0.28 p kwh)
 Examples (all based on £0.28pp kwh)
  • Average boil £0.05p per kettle boil (eg: Russell Hobbs, Breville, Phillips, Swan, Beko)
  • Average use £0.16p per day for a 1x  50" TV 
  • Average £0.28 per cycle of Dishwasher
  • Average use  £0.13p per day Playstation 5  
  • Average use £0.10 per day Sky HD box
  • Average £0.33 per cycle 9.0kg Capacity Free-standing Condenser Tumble Dryer
(Electricity costs are calculated using the UK: Price Cap (April 2022) electricity rate of 28.00 pence per kWh.)

The Benefits of Electric Bathroom Underfloor Heating

  • UFH uses less energy than radiators
  • Heats a room quickly (and quicker than radiators)
  • Distribution is more uniformed as UFH provides an even spread to the entire room
  • Offers maximum comfort levels
  • UFH delivers greater savings long-term
  • Cheaper to install in smaller rooms
  • Only increases floor height a small amount (which is unnoticeable)
  • Minimal disruption when retro-fitted into existing bathrooms
  • UFH is more effective when fitted in smaller areas such as bathrooms
  • Allows you to select different wattage outputs to suit circumstances

Prowarm Underfloor Heating From The Bathroom Showroom

The Bathroom Showroom is home to the UK's best-selling underfloor heating system, Prowarm. An affordable luxury, Prowarm is a fantastic addition to any bathroom. Eliminating those cold floors, it provides an even heat distribution for the whole room.
An energy-efficient choice, Prowarm UFH requires minimal long-term maintenance and has little effect on floor height. Prowarm Underfloor heating mat kits come with an electric UFH mat, thermostat, and accessories kit. Best of all, Prowarm ensures low running costs. This eases the worry of heating your bathroom during those cold UK months. 
Also, to help reduce your energy bills long-term, Prowarm provides an option to purchase a separate thermostat. Either digital or programmable and controlled by Wi-Fi, the Prowarm Thermostat is a double temperature control solution. This can further help keep those running costs low when you need it most. 
If you’re considering installing underfloor heating, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.