With demand for technology and smart devices soaring in the past few years, it's little wonder so many UK bathrooms are now embracing digital showers. With more digital shower systems appearing on the market, you may be wondering if going digital is for you and whether this bathroom shower choice is worth it? Digital showers are certainly innovative models that can provide a luxurious experience unlike any other. At The Bathroom Showroom, we’re proud to offer several popular digital shower options. So, here we’ve put together a quick guide to help you select the best digital shower for your needs.

What Is a Digital Shower?

Digital showers run on separate hot and cold water connections that run through a digital mixing processor. When you touch the push-button control, a digital shower will control your water temperature and water flow. 
The result is a most specific and personal showering experience with many digital showers allowing you to work them from a remote control and even an app for some models.

The Benefits of a Digital Shower

Undeniably, digital showers offer incredible benefits to the user, including:
  • A fully personalised and luxurious shower experience with a simple tap
  • Control over the temperature of the water to the precise degree
  • The ability to program settings to create personalised conditions
  • Ability to turn the shower on and off from the other side of the room or in another room entirely
  • Fitting to any system type with high pressure and pumped variants available
  • Help control water consumption and running costs
  • Offer several unique spray modes including saturate, soak, stimulate and soothe
  • Water flow can be varied ranging from gentle to powerful
  • Can divert between the overhead and hand shower on certain models
  • Shower gets to perfect temperature before you step in
  • Some offer countdown timers that stop the shower automatically
  • Easy to read and simple to operate
  • A visually flawless and modern look in the bathroom

The Bathroom Showroom Digital Shower Range

Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we have a selection of digital showers. If you’re looking for Bathroom inspiration, these sleek models are fantastic for bathroom shower designs.

Mira Mode Maxim

Providing maximum coverage through its award-winning 300mm deluge showerhead, the Mira Mode Maxim is a powerful and sensational digital performer. For a most immersive showering experience the Maxim channels luxury through four unique sprays including saturate, soak, stimulate and soothe. Flawless in its design, this model can be controlled via the free Mira Mode app. 

Mira Mode

A digital power shower designed to complement a contemporary bathroom, the Mira Mode is another flawless design, fully controllable, and a superb performer in action. Offering a large deluge overhead with Mira switch handset, this digital shower has four unique spray modes and also makes use of the Mira Mode app. 

Mira Platinum

Allowing full customisation, the Mira Platinum digital shower fully encourages you to personalise your showering experience. With the ability to mount the control up to 10 meters away from the shower valve there are also several programmable functions including eco settings, clock display, and warm-up mode. 

Mira Platinum Dual

Offering the same wonderful features of the Mira Platinum model, the Mira Platinum Dual encourages an incredible showering experience via its showerhead. This model allows you to divert between the overhead and hand shower or have both of them running simultaneously for an amazing experience every time.

Mira Activate

Boasting a sleek controller, the Mira Activate is an awesome, futuristic-looking digital shower. With app presets to create and control your showering preferences, 130mm of coverage ensures you can switch your showering experience to suit with its four unique spray modes. 

The Future of Showering - Let's Go Digital!

For the ultimate showering experience, digital showers are all about having control and tailoring your shower experience to make it personal each time.
Whether it’s for pure luxury, sheer convenience, or to make the most of a new bathroom suite, be sure to check out the models from our range of popular shower bathroom suites. 
If you’re looking for further bathroom inspiration and help in choosing the best digital shower system, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.