With so much new bathroom technology available, upgrading your bathroom to a smart one is becoming easier. A superb way of creating the most seamless of environments, smart bathroom technology has the power to enhance our time spent in this room. 
Our bathrooms have as much potential to be as smart as the rest of our home. Yet, as well as promoting an on-trend space, smart products can help to reduce our energy usage in this room. Better still, they’re more affordable than ever.
Here The Bathroom Showroom looks at those energy-saving smart bathroom products that can help enhance this room's efficiency long-term.

What Is a Smart Bathroom?

A smart bathroom is a space that uses your smart bathroom technology and connects it to your smart home devices. The result is the ability to effortlessly customise your bathroom experience while offering you complete control over it. By connecting with the Wi-Fi, offering a dedicated app, or even a voice activation option, all users can benefit from the inclusion of smart gadgets in the bathroom.
Helping to elevate user experience, smart bathroom gadgets can help keep the bathroom fresh and clean, promote convenience, and help lower utility bills in this room. Ultimately, a smart bathroom has the power to immensely improve our well-being each time we use this space, thus creating a room that we’ll be excited about returning to. When coupled with a great bathroom design, for many a smart bathroom is the penultimate of dream bathroom spaces. 

How to Make a Smart Bathroom

A smart bathroom can include several smart features such as a smart toilet, a smart bath, a smart shower, smart lighting, a smart mirror, smart flooring, smart extractor fans, and even smart taps! Yet, most homes tend to opt for one or two smart devices in their rooms to start,  usually that of the shower and lighting. 
Though the choices are becoming increasingly varied, not all these gadgets are necessary, essential, or even top priority for some people. If your biggest consideration is to increase efficiency in the bathroom, then a smart shower choice is the best place to start. A smart shower is the perfect gadget if you're looking to make some instantly noticeable energy savings.

The Energy-Saving Benefits of A Smart Shower Choice

As a bathroom fixture that most of us use daily, in some homes even several times throughout the day, there's a great deal of savings that can be made by converting to a smart shower:
  • Quicker to reach the desired temperature - meaning less time spent waiting to step into it
  • Keeps the temperature steady and consistent throughout - reducing the need to keep adjusting it and increasing the shower time while doing so
  • Offers eco-saving modes to help reduce the overall flow of water thus making further water savings
  • Boasts eco shower head designs providing immersive coverage - using an aerating system that reduces the water needed
  • Allows you to track water cost on the app to help you get the timing of each shower right
  • Using the app, you can also see who may be taking too long in the shower and work to reduce this!

Smart Bathroom Ideas from The Bathroom Showroom

Several smart bathroom ideas can help when it comes to keeping costs down in this room. 
A smart shower like that of the Aqualisa Quartz Classic offers a powerful shower performance yet boasts some fantastic energy-saving properties. With an optional eco mode, you can save as much as up to 33% of water each time you use it. Mobile App and Wi-Fi enabled, this shower can be controlled remotely or via a one-start push-button control. Quick to reach the desired temperature, its LED display tells you when it's good to go, while the eco-friendly 230mm round drench shower head further ensures full coverage. When making use of the Aqualisa app, you can control the duration of showering times for all users. 
A smart toilet like the wall-hung Roca Adena offers a fantastic selection of energy-saving features thanks to its rimless technology. With an even distribution of water throughout the interior, this is a toilet choice that actively works to lower water consumption. The Roca Adena smart toilet also features a selection of air dryer temperature levels, a removable nozzle, seat and cover, and a choice of LED light modes.
A smart light fitting like the superb Hib Rhythm can instantly transform the bathroom and offer a most personalised experience for each user. An energy-efficient choice, this smart fixture allows you to control it via Bluetooth. This means you can switch off the light remotely and even program it at scheduled times for greater control over energy bills. A low-energy light choice, the Hib Rhythm even allows you to play music, thus eliminating phones in this room.

The Future of the Bathroom Is Smart

Technology for the bathroom is more accessible than ever before and, just as our homes become smarter, so too can our bathrooms. Whether your preference is for the odd one or two smart gadgets or a high-tech bathroom filled with them, every bathroom type can benefit from this amazing technology when making long-term energy savings in this space.
If you’re looking to create a smart bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.