When it comes to bathroom trends, tiled splashbacks are making a welcome comeback. Tile collections have never been so vast, colourful, stylish, textured, and patterned. So, there's much bathroom inspiration available when creating these practical areas.
Using tiled splashbacks around the basin area is on-trend right now. Much of this is in response to the rise in popularity of gorgeous countertop basins. Yet, splashbacks are also popular around the bath, shower, and back of the toilet.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom offers several ideas to help you create an enviable tiled splashback.

Are Tiled Splashbacks Necessary?

While they aren't necessary, bathroom tiles work wonderfully as splashbacks for two reasons. Firstly, they can add a spectacular display to specific areas of this room. This is ideal if your bathroom needs updating or refreshing. 
Secondly, they give an extra level of protection to the wall behind them. This means working hard to prevent water from reaching areas behind the basin, bath, units, and shower.

What Tiles Should I Use for Splashbacks?

When choosing bathroom tiles for splashbacks, porcelain is preferable but ceramic can also be used. 
Porcelain is a hard-wearing material, so it's an obvious choice when tiling splashback areas. A durable tile type, it's a naturally dense material that creates a waterproof barrier. This makes it harder to permeate while protecting those areas exposed to moisture.

4 Ways To Create a Spectacular Tiled Splashback

1. Add Colour Pop 

A much-talked-about bathroom trend on the rise is that of an injection of colour. Colour can be playful while letting you add a bit of your personality to the room. A fantastic way to introduce colour to your bathroom, the Colour Pop trend is bright, bold, and eye-catching. 
Tiling with colour allows you to add interest without having to redo your entire bathroom suite or décor. A fabulous way to do this is with tiled splashbacks. Touches of colour through tiles keep them fresh and vibrant without overpowering.
Colour can also liven an area that usually wouldn't receive much attention. This is especially so in areas behind the basin and toilet. 
A Bathroom Showroom Tip: Check out the Form and South Bank tile collections for some eye-catching coloured wall coverings. Not entirely confident with adding colour just yet, then consider the outstanding Confetti tile range? With its subtle flecks of colour, this range provides inspirational bathroom tile ideas when experimenting with colour.

2. Add Textured Tiles

By creating a splashback with a textured look, you can add depth and perspective to your bathroom. Tiles that offer a pattern encourage a raised look while reflecting light through their detailed patterning. This works to give an almost 3D effect that varies depending on where you stand in the room.
Working to lift the area, subtle textured effects on tiles encourage a stunning unique look and work to draw the eye to the area. Some textured tile choices work hard to bounce the natural light. So, these can also help make your bathroom appear bigger than it is.
A Bathroom Showroom Tip: The Metro Calacatta, with its subtle marbling detailing, offers a classic bevel structure. Featuring a glossy finish, this tile choice brings a splashback area to life.

3. Add a Seamless Look

For those looking to stay within the design of current bathroom suites, creating a seamless look with splashbacks is easily done. Selecting tiles that perfectly match your bathroom style will encourage an elegant seamless finish. This works well when you want the splashback area to blend in rather than stand out.
Working well to open up the room, using tiles in the same colour or even the same style as your fixtures, and, fittings, and décor creates an illusion of a bigger bathroom. Even better, if you choose matching floor and wall tiles here, that seamless look can continue throughout the entire room.
A Bathroom Showroom Tip: The spectacular Soleli tile collection allows for a variety of pattern choices with its on-trend hexagon design. Best of all, these tiles are perfect for both walls and floors.

4. Add a Statement Piece

Finally, if you want to go all out and create a focal point, dramatic tile choices can help your splashbacks make a statement. This look is easily achieved with tiles that contrast starkly with your current bathroom décor, fittings, and fixtures.
Often this means an entirely opposite colour to the one you have now. If your bathroom is light, add some dark tones to the splashback. If it’s a dark bathroom, opt for light tile choices. A tiling scheme whereby you mix up textures, shapes, sizes, and colours is a fabulous experiment here and can reflect your personality. 
A Bathroom Showroom Tip: Dramatic by name, dramatic by nature, Bevel Tiles offer a Dark Drama feature and luxurious look. With their high gloss finishing, the result is a unique feature point.

On-Trend Tiled Splashbacks Help Protect and Decorate the Bathroom

With a little creativity and skill, you can create a tiled splashback that looks fabulous and works hard to protect your bathroom. Whether you want to incorporate your splashback into your current design or go all out, these bathroom ideas are sure to get you inspired.
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