How to Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Published: 1st Jul 2021Read Time: 5 min

Following the latest lockdown announcement, none of us will be having guests to stay any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your home a makeover in the meantime. The next four weeks offer the perfect opportunity for you to create that dream guest bathroom; and when we can welcome friends and family again, you can offer them that boutique hotel experience in the comfort of your own home. With our guest bathroom ideas and just a few small tweaks, you can have a new favourite room in the house in no time!

Keep it neutral

When decorating a house bathroom or master en-suite, you can let your personal style reign supreme. When considering guest bathroom design however, your goal is to appeal to the masses. From your best friend, to your mother-in-law and everyone in between, guest bathroom designs should be the perfect blank canvas.
A neutral colour should be the basis of your guest bathroom design, as it creates an air of elegance. Neutral colours are great in both traditional and modern homes, with caramel colours working well in period properties and anthracite grey adding a touch of contemporary cool.
Once you have your colour palette worked out, you can add more visual interest to the room by incorporating differing shapes, textures, and materials. This can be a large oval mirror paired with a curved sink, and a square showerhead, a hessian shower mat over wooden flooring, or gloss metro city tiles against a matt plastered wall.

Include luxe extras

Whether your guests are staying just one night, or they’re enjoying a staycation with you, the best part of being away from home is the little luxuries that the accommodation has to offer. So, why not recreate that feeling of a boutique hotel by adding some luxe extras?
Good guest bathroom design should be warm and inviting, and what could be more inviting than fitting underfloor heating. There’s nothing worse than walking on a cold bathroom floor in the winter months, and unless you really want to up the hotel-ante and provide slippers for your guests, fitting underfloor heating is that little, unexpected touch of luxury your guests will love.
Of course, the next thing you should consider installing is a heated towel rail radiator. They’re obviously practical, but they also add interest to the room, without taking up too much space. Chrome heated towel rail radiators look great in both older and newer properties, while white towel rails are perfect for smaller bathrooms.
A feature of most luxurious hotels and boutiques is the addition of an impressive shower. From large fixed shower heads that create that rainforest feel, to digital showers that allow users to regulate water temperature and pressure.
And for those final luxury touches, the addition of high-end soaps and lotions, and the odd scented candle, can really take your guest bathroom design to the next level.

Concentrate on your displays

Part of what makes a hotel experience so special is that everything is meticulously displayed. From the fluffy towels, to the soaps and shampoos. When welcoming guests to stay in your newly decorated bathroom you want them to know exactly where the towels and toiletries are. This will also ensure they won’t need to go searching in your bathroom cabinets.
Open storage is best for your guest bathroom, because anything you’ve left out for your guests will be visible, and it leaves them with plenty of space for their own belongings. Open storage also has the added bonus of ensuring your guests don’t forget anything when packing because everything is on display.
Wicker baskets are a great way of organising items on open shelves, and again, add interest to a neutral colour palette. Vary the items in each group by height, size and number.

Make it easy to clean

The nature of a guest bathroom means they don’t tend to be used as often as the other bathrooms in the house, so ensuring it’s easy to clean is a must. Tiles are the easiest floor and wall types to clean as they can be simply wiped down. A bathmat that can go in the washing machine will ensure the room always smells fresh.
Ensure the little luxuries are put away after guests have left, leaving as many surfaces as possible clear, so they can be cleaned quickly. When you have guests arriving, items can be put back on display.
If you’re looking for more guest bathroom ideas, download our latest bathrooms brochure and start planning your perfect guest space with The Bathroom Showroom.