Are you designing your dream bathroom but don’t know where to start? Allow The Bathroom Showroom to guide you through some of the most common bathroom layouts. We’ll show you the things you need to consider, the tricks you can use to make small bathrooms bigger, and the finishing touches you need to bring your dream bathroom scheme to life.

Where to start

Before you start ripping out your bathroom suite, take the time to look at your current layout. Decide what works well and what doesn’t. Do you have enough space to dry off after a bath or shower? Is there enough storage? Once you’ve worked out what you like or don’t like about your current bathroom, you can start thinking about how you can change the bathroom layout.
Next, think about who will be using the room as this will have an impact on the suite you choose and the bathroom scheme you opt for. If you’re creating a family bathroom, chances are a number of people will be using the space and a bath will be an essential item, alongside storage space for toys. If you’re creating an en suite bathroom for two, you can afford to add luxurious finishes like smart showers and low-level lighting instead of overhead task lighting.
Finally, seek inspiration! Pinterest and Instagram are great for online inspo, but don’t forget to think back to amazing bathrooms in hotels or spas you’ve visited. What did you like about the bathroom layout? What didn’t you like? Is there a particular style you’re veering towards?
Once you’ve collated your ideas, you can start planning your dream bathroom layout design.

How to plan a new layout?

Measuring the space is a great place to start. Not only should you measure wall to wall, but you should include key features, such as location of switches and pipes, windows and door locations etc.
Once you have your measurements, look at the position of the toilet, as this is often dictated by the location of the soil pipe. Once you’ve ascertained where the toilet will sit, you can work out where the shower, sink and bath can fit and build the bathroom layout around the toilet.
If you’re planning a new layout for a small bathroom, you might want to consider a wall-hung toilet. Our Geberit Selnova Collection features a number of wall-hung designs perfect for small spaces. Wall-hung toilets, basins and storage units help give the illusion of space as the floor stretches beneath the suites.
Creating a scaled version of your bathroom will help you to envisage where things can sit. Cut out to-scale shapes of the toilet, sink, bath, shower and towel rails and start playing with where and how everything will fit. Making sure to consider the floor space around the suite.
For larger bathrooms separate baths and showers are great, whereas small bathroom layouts benefit from over-the-bath shower units.
If you’re designing a guest bathroom, then a walk-in shower unit, like the Kudos Pinnacle8 is the perfect addition to any scheme. Available in a whole host of shapes and sizes, the contemporary slimline design works well in modern and traditional settings.
Once you’ve decided on your essential bathroom needs, you can start having fun choosing the design elements that bring the whole bathroom layout design together.
Adding underfloor heating to your new bathroom is a great way to add a little bit of luxury and is ideal for cold winter evenings. Electric underfloor heating is easy to install and can be done by the homeowner, whereas water-based underfloor heating systems will require a plumber to install.
We also love replacing traditional radiators with designer towel rails. If wall space is at a premium, opt for a ladder-style rail that uses vertical space instead.

Adding finishing touches

Once you’ve decided on the bathroom suite, the colour palette and all the additional design elements, you can add the finishing touches.
Open shelving is a great way to increase storage and can also be used to display items such as scented candles, glass apothecary bottles, wicker storage baskets and trailing house plants.
Add the personal touch with a gallery wall of all your favourite family photos or hang your favourite prints and posters.
And don’t forget to complete your scheme with oversized fluffy towels for a truly sumptuous bathing experience!

Adding finishing touches

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with designing your dream bathroom layout, then why not book an appointment at your nearest Bathroom Showroom. Our expert in-house designers will create a free 3D render and together we can make virtual reality come true!
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