The perfect kid’s bathroom combines practicality with safety but ultimately is a room they don’t mind spending time in. You may be designing a bathroom solely for kids or want to modify your current family bathroom to make it a little more kid-friendly. Either way, a good kids’ bathroom design will help younger ones develop good hygiene habits and encourage independence.

Select Child Friendly Basin Taps and Basin Units

Your tap choice here should be safe and easy for little hands to use. Basin mixer taps, such as the cold start Roca Escuadra taps, are effortless to control and are easier to regulate the water temperature. This makes them perfect for helping when reducing the risk of scalding. 
To finish, bathroom furniture with plentiful drawer space means you can stock up and store all the boring but essential items here such as towels, toilet rolls and toiletries. The iflo Serino Furniture collection boasts wall hung units that can be hung at a height to suit. All wall hung units from this collection come complete with a drawer organiser, optimising storage solutions.

Select a Bath and Shower Combination

As most kids will still want to bathe regularly, installing a shower bath is practical, especially if space is limited. This combination ensures that as kids grow, they can use the shower with ease, and also other members of the house can continue showering if this room is used by all. 
Thermostatic showers like the iflo Woodcote are essential as they produce water at a consistent temperature and flow. This includes Cool Touch valve technology, meaning kids can’t burn themselves on a hot exposed valve. These shower types also automatically shut down, providing an anti-scald element, should the hot or cold water supply fail.
Also ideal choices here are digital showers, like the Mira Mode, that allow adults to pre-set the maximum water temperature via an app, thus helping to prevent scalding.
Finally, finish the bath with a Bristan Bath Overflow Filler. This makes the bath safer as there are no taps for the kids to bang their heads on.

Add Kid-Friendly Mirrors and Lighting Choices

Touch sensor control bathroom mirrors are safer choices in kids bathrooms as they are easy to control. 
The iflo Eclipse mirror safely heats up the mirror surface and its demister pad clears away steam. With a colour temperature changing LED memory function, these mirror types will remember the last colour temperature selection chosen. 
You can even go for remote-controlled lights here, such as the Hib Rhythm Ceiling Light, with Bluetooth connectivity to control the lights and music choices.

Install Kid-Friendly Flooring

Click vinyl flooring is the best choice for kid-friendly bathroom designs. Not only is this fast and simple to install, it’s also extremely durable. This makes it a more forgiving material than hard tiles. Best of all, click vinyl flooring boasts waterproof tongue and groove joints, so the result is a flush finish, with no grout in sight.
  • Use Tiles as Splashbacks
Inevitably kids will splash water around the bathroom, so tiling from the shower to the sink and all around the toilet will protect your walls. Tiles are also easy to keep clean. Best of all, you can opt for colours here to enhance the fun element of this room. The Bathroom Showroom has over 90 tiles from the latest trends, so the options are unlimited here.

Make Fixtures and Fittings Count

It’s often the little things that make a kids’ bathroom more functional for the entire family. Wall-hung soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, plentiful towel rails, toilet brush holders and a dual toilet roll holder like those from the VitrA Projekta range are perfect additions. These all encourage organisation in this room and independence in young ones because they make bathroom activities so much simpler.

Include Plentiful Storage Solutions

Units that kids can get to with ease are best here, such as open-accessed storage cubes.  Putting baskets that slot into these units encourages kids to section off their things into different areas.
The most popular items here will usually consist of toys and bath products but can also include clothes and items that kids simply want to keep and use in their bathroom. 

Make It Look Fun

Finally, no kids' bathroom would be complete without a theme. Choose something they love but incorporate it through items that can be changed easily, as kids regularly change their minds. Add colour and texture to bath mats, towels, shower curtains, artwork and accessories for maximum effect.

A Well-Designed Kids’ Bathroom Can Be Both Fun and Safe 

Get the design right in a kids’ bathroom, and it can provide an organised and fully-functional room for all members of the home.
What's more, a bathroom that adapts readily to the growing child will prove to be a fantastic investment long-term. 
If you’re looking for further inspiration on designing a kids’ bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.