When maintaining a good humidity level in your home, nowhere is this more important than in the bathroom. 
The wettest room in the home, bathrooms are prone to excess moisture and are often the most problematic regarding humidity levels.
Left unchecked, persistent high humidity here can damage bathroom suites, and decor, as well as affect health. But what can we do to improve our bathroom and keep it ventilated long term?
One of the easiest ways of increasing the lifespan of your bathroom is through correct ventilation. Here, The Bathroom Showroom provides bathroom ventilation tips that we can all use to improve this room's air quality.

How Does Bathroom Humidity Become Problematic?

Moisture builds up in the bathroom each time we shower or bathe. Most of us aren't aware of it because we can't physically see it until our mirrors become fogged. But when this moisture has nowhere else to go and is trapped, it begins to settle and, over time, presents itself as mould and mildew.
If moisture has somewhere to escape, humidity levels tend to return to normal and present no further problems. This is because the air can circulate freely and flow through the room.

How To Improve Bathroom Ventilation 

All bathrooms require good ventilation, regardless of their size, and this needs consideration when designing your dream bathroom. With good ventilation, you can control and better manage bathroom humidity levels.
Overall, keeping your bathroom ventilated is a simple and relatively inexpensive process. But, it is one small task that will help preserve the life of your bathroom.
  • Install a good quality extractor fan
A reputable and efficient extractor fan works hard at pulling moisture and damp air from the room. It will then take this air and vent it outside. An extractor fan is the most effective way of controlling excess moisture levels in the bathroom. 
To gain the maximum benefits from a bathroom extractor fan, turn it on before getting into the shower or bath and keep it running throughout. Most importantly, leave it on for around 20 minutes afterwards to encourage the air to circulate and vent all the steam created.
The Bathroom Showroom offers a fabulous range of quality low energy, high efficiency, discrete, and ultra-quiet extractor fans for bathroom ventilation. From timer fans, like the Hib Breeze and Hib Hush, to flush-mounted models like the Hib Inline to the Hib Air-Star, there’s a perfect type to suit every bathroom.
  • Keep the bathroom window open as much as you can
A good practice for ongoing bathroom care is to get into the habit of opening the window before and during showering and bathing. 
This encourages a fresh supply of air into the room while assisting with ventilation by giving the steam somewhere to escape. 
An open window and extractor fan will both help a bathroom clear quicker. Try to leave the window open for around 20 minutes after leaving the room for maximum effect.
  • Use an absorbent bath mat
By stepping out of the shower or bath onto a bath mat, any wet drips and puddles can be wiped up and absorbed on the bath mat. This eliminates the water that is left to accumulate on the floor and therefore allows the bathroom to dry out quicker.  
  • Don’t leave damp towels on the floor
When you’ve finished drying, don’t be tempted to leave your wet towels lying around on the bathroom floor. Hang them up to let them air out. Better still, place them on a heated towel radiator, like the Towelrads Horton, to help dry out both the air and the damp towels.

Keep Your Bathroom Looking as Good As New 

By adding an extractor fan and following these simple bathroom venting solutions, you can help keep your dream bathroom looking as good as new.
Getting your bathroom ventilation right can also ensure better long-term health for both your bathroom and all those that use it.
If you're looking for help choosing the best ventilation solutions, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.