There are few things less inviting than a cold and draughty bathroom. From icy flooring to frosty toilet seats and chilly surfaces, it’s enough to send a shiver down the spine. But if those problems sound familiar, we can show you how to keep your bathroom warm this winter. We’ve got plenty of great warm bathroom ideas including luxurious technology, appealing design choices and cosy accessories. Read our top tips on how to warm up a cold bathroom below.

Install heated towel rails

While you may want to stay in your warm shower or bath forever, a heated towel rail radiator can make it feel a little easier to step out on a winter’s morning.
Simply throw your towel over a rung to warm up for twenty minutes or so before you need it. With a multi-rung design, you could warm your clothes up too and make getting dressed a joy.
Heated towel rails also double up as radiators, making them ideal for heating your bathroom even when you’re not hopping in the shower or tub.
We’ve got plenty of styles to choose from to suit your space and aesthetic, including eye-catching designer heating options.

Add a touch of luxury with underfloor heating

If you like the idea of feeling gentle warmth underfoot, fitting underfloor heating could be the way to go. These luxurious systems distribute waves of heat evenly into a room, and, much like your central heating, can be programmed to turn on as and when you need them.
As well as providing a sense of comfort on chilly mornings, underfloor heating frees up wall space by eliminating the need for radiators. Electric mats are a popular choice for bathrooms and can be surprisingly quick and easy to install too. They generate heat when connected to your mains electricity, with your flooring of choice laid on top.
Electric underfloor heating kits can be especially energy efficient when paired with solar power and battery storage heating systems.

Choose warm materials

Traditional bathroom surfaces such as tiles are often cold to the touch even in warm conditions. In contrast, materials like granite, marble and wood can retain heat in an already-warm room. Wood can also make for a slightly warmer toilet seat choice than plastic.
If your budget won’t stretch to underfloor heating, layering rugs is a simple way to keep the cold at bay and add a warmth to the aesthetic. In front of the sink is one key area to cover with something thick and fluffy.

Create a warm bathroom colour palette

Whites, creams, greys and baby blues are popular choices for home interiors thanks to their flexibility and bright and airy qualities. Neutral walls can come off a little cold however, especially if your bathroom is already chilly in the first place.
A warmer bathroom colour palette could include reds, yellows and pinks for example. If you want to avoid overdoing it, try using coloured tiles or wall panels in targeted areas or only up to a certain height to maintain a balance.
You could introduce further pops of warm colours through accessories such as art, towels and rugs.

Add cosy lighting options

Lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a bathroom. Try swapping out your bright overhead bulbs for a more ambient glow - even if you keep a brighter lighting option around the sink for your grooming tasks. Some light bulbs are even designed to emit a small amount of heat.
When you want to kick back and relax in the bathtub on an evening, you could abandon electricity all together and light some scented candles. Hanging fairy lights along open shelves and window sills can also help to make a space look cosy and inviting.

Bonus warm bathroom ideas

To round things out, here are some final quick fire tips on how to warm up a cold bathroom:
  • Seal windows and doors to prevent warm air leaking out and cold air creeping in. Old window frames can be especially inefficient, so fill up any gaps with caulk
  • Invest in a larger shower head to fully immerse you in water and keep your entire body warm
  • Add houseplants to increase humidity. As well as looking great, plants can release moisture and make the air feel warmer
Try our tips above to keep your bathroom cosy from season to season.
For even more inspiration and advice on how to keep your bathroom warm in winter, download our latest brochure. You could also book an appointment with one of our warm and friendly design experts