How to Transform a Small Bathroom into a Wet Room

Published: 6th Apr 2022Read Time: 5 min

In recent years, wet rooms in place of small bathrooms have surged in demand. Not just practical bathroom modifications, wet rooms greatly enhance the selling point of a home. It’s little wonder then that requests for wet room bathroom designs are so popular. However, if you have a small bathroom you may be wondering just how you can create a wet room in such a small space? The Bathroom Showroom looks at simple small wet room design ideas that you can take inspiration from to turn your small bathroom into an on-trend design.

What Is a Wet Room?
Firstly, it’s worth defining what a wet room is, especially as it's commonly mistaken for a shower room. 
Wet rooms are typically tiled open spaces. However, functional and accessible, they are ultimately a bathroom that is designed to get wet.
Wet by name and wet by nature, there is a possibility of water getting out past the glass area and the potential for overspray outside of the glass in a wet room.
Wet room floors can be finished two ways. The first is with a deck that is measured to fit the entire area and prevent leaks. The second way is to insert a standard shower tray. 
Both methods ensure that no water is left standing in the room at any time. However, your choice here may be guided by your budget as tiling the floor of a wet room can often be the more expensive of choices, as opposed to filling this area with a standard tray.
How to Create a Wet Room In a Small Bathroom Area
  • Start From the Ground Up
To build a wet room in place of a small bathroom first you’ll need to seal and waterproof the entire space you’re intending to use. This is crucial to prevent any water seepage or damage further on down the line. 
Another essential job is to decide and install either a sloped floor or a sloped gradient here before adding the drain or waste system. Or you can select the best choice of shower tray to fit this area. Novellini and iflo offer a wide selection of shower trays suitable for the task here, and all to suit your current budget. You will also need to consider an extractor fan to keep this room well ventilated.
  • Choose the Right Tiles or Wall Panels for the Job
Tile selections in wet rooms are hugely important considerations as they’re constantly exposed to water. For this reason, you’ll need to opt for 100% waterproof tiles and flooring.
Your tile types here should be a premium choice and long-lasting to cope with the demands that a wet room throws at them. A good choice here are matt or lappato tiles.
For those who prefer a simple installation process, the Elite Collection wall panels are thick, 100% waterproof, stylish panels that are perfect choices for wet rooms.
Additionally, by selecting plain and natural colour choices here, such as the Multipanel Neutrals Collection, you can further help encourage the illusion of more space in your small wet room.
  • Add a Screen Where Necessary
Many people prefer to install a shower screen in their wet room to protect other areas from getting wet. This is a great idea for sheltering vanity areas, towel rails and the toilet area.
Use those screens that can be installed directly on the floor and the ceiling here to ensure complete coverage.
Glass screens or clear panels work well in a small wet room as they open up the space and create light, encouraging the sense of a larger room. Also, plain and clear choices here won’t dominate the room, ensuring the flow isn’t restricted by colours or patterns.
  • Select a Shower Type to Suit Your Preference
Finally, for the finishing touch to your new wet room, why not treat yourself and go spa-like here in your shower choice? Installing a luxury shower will ensure that you get the very best from this room. 
Rainfall showers radiate pure indulgence as they boast more water holes in their design to emulate rainfall. Yet, in a wet room this won't be a problem.
Rainfall showers are usually oversized when compared to standard shower choices but will fit perfectly in a wet room. The Mira Platinum Dual is a fabulous luxury digital shower that allows you to customise your showering experience every time.
Turning a Small Bathroom Into a Wet Room Is a Fantastic Way to Make the Most of Your Space
Ultimately, a wet room is a functional and practical space that is easily accessible for all members of the household and so simple to keep clean.
A great idea for making the most of a smaller-sized bathroom, a wet room is a space-saving idea that will undeniably increase the wow factor in your home.
If you’re looking for help creating a wet room in a small bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.