Why Luxury And Stylish Bathrooms Are Becoming A Homeowner's Ideal

Style over function, luxury over practicality. When looking for inspiration for your new bathroom, creating a feeling of 'luxury' and 'style' are two stand out goals we seek to achieve in our space. But these vague terms can mean very different things in different contexts, and have often taken over the functional aspect of what a bathroom should be. So why do Britain's homeowners crave a luxury and stylish bathroom, what is it that makes a bathroom luxury or stylish, and how can you achieve it in your home without compromising on functionality? Here is our guide to luxury and stylish bathrooms, highlighting ways in which you can follow the trend, whilst still creating a comfortable and liveable bathroom space.

The difference between a ‘luxury’ bathroom and a ‘stylish’ bathroom

Luxury and stylish are two of the most popular modern bathroom trends, each with their own connotations in terms of interior design. Luxury designs are more likely to draw upon the influence of elegant boutique hotels, with elements such as freestanding baths, luscious wood textures, and rich metallic features combining to create a decadent space. Stylish bathrooms are contemporary-inspired, trend-setting rooms that may incorporate geometric suites, creative tiling options, and minimalistic fittings. The best luxury and stylish bathrooms are as functional as they are attractive, and should reflect their owner's personal design tastes to ensure satisfaction for years to come.
There is no hard rule about what a luxury bathroom comprises of, although they all have one thing in common: a feeling of undeniable grandness, where every detail is carefully considered to create a consistent look of luxury. Traditional suites like iflo's Cascada design invoke this feeling, pairing classic features like pedestal basins with a high-standard modern build quality to create an impression of grandeur. You don't have to just stick to traditional styles for a luxurious bathroom however. The contemporary styling of suites such as iflo's Trapini, can be paired with a spa-like colour scheme for modern-inspired luxury.
Stylish bathrooms require a delicate balance of innovation and restraint: they create a look of sleek, chic modernity, but shouldn't go over the top with garish colour schemes or unnecessary gimmicks. Careful planning is paramount. Every element should be a functional, useful addition that matches seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom. Because functionality is such an important aspect, minimalistic designs that place the emphasis on usability are common in stylish bathrooms. For example, iflo's Rhea suite includes a wall-mounted WC - these save valuable floor space, but also draw the eye thanks to their striking angular styling.
You can include elements of both luxury and style in your bathroom, so long as they combine tastefully to create a cohesive overall feeling that you are hoping to achieve. You might decide that a stylish geometric suite pairs well with the luxurious dark marbled tile pattern you're keen to sample in your space. There's no reason why you can't have both, although getting a second opinion from a bathroom specialist is advisable if you're new to the process of home renovation.

Remember: practicality is key

Selecting a look for your bathroom is an emotion-based choice, although this shouldn't come at the expense of practicality. A beautiful room that doesn't function properly is relatively useless. Begin by ensuring you are purchasing high-quality components from a reliable supplier, then look into the design trends you want to
incorporate. Each of iflo's suites have been tested rigorously for optimum efficiency, and their 25 year guarantee provides further proof that they're designed to last.
Another practical issue to consider is storage, which will help to make your bathroom look less cluttered. Optimum storage placement is key, and will allow you to make the most of your bathroom's space without getting in the way of other essentials. Your cabinets, cupboards, counters, and shelves should be selected to match with the design scheme you have chosen, and can be seen as an opportunity to introduce new textures and colours into your space. Units that are available in multiple finishes (such as iflo's Galene range, which is available in gloss white or matt dove grey) are flexible enough to fit with a variety of different design schemes.
Finally, cost is an obvious practical concern for many homeowners. If you want to change the look of your bathroom without committing to an expensive full refit, consider small, affordable changes like new taps, mirrors or accessories. Upgrading features like this can make a real difference to the overall look of the space, allowing you to give a stylish or luxurious finish at the fraction of the cost.
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