More of us are looking to combine purpose with stunning design features in the bathroom. Right now, a primary topic of discussion is the way in which we heat this room. 
Nowadays there are plentiful heated towel rail designs available. Yet, many are uncertain about how effective these are compared to radiators. So, choosing the right heating option here can be time-consuming. But, as the UK continues to face rising energy bills, the right choice may well help financially. 
The Bathroom Showroom has been selling radiators and heated towel rails for many years. So, we understand that not one size fits all and that some bathrooms may be suited to one choice over the other. Here we offer some swift advice to help you decide whether a radiator or a heated towel rail is the best bathroom fixture.

Can a Heated Towel Rail Replace a Radiator?

We're often asked if it's possible to eliminate radiators entirely and install a heated towel radiator instead. There are many reasons for considering this. Radiators are certainly the bulkier of fixtures, especially when compared to heated towel rails. What's more, heated towel rails come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles, whereas radiators don’t tend to offer much scope for creativity!
The answer is yes, but only provided you have a small to medium bathroom space. The design of a heated towel rail means it will only heat a specific area of the room. Thus, if your bathroom is larger, it may not be adequate enough to provide full coverage. In this case, a heated towel rail could complement your current radiator.

How Much Heat Does a Heated Towel Rail Emit?

An important factor to consider if you're looking to replace your radiator with a heated towel rail is the BTU. This refers to the British Thermal Unit and simply measures the units of heat offered by the heated towel rail. As a guide, the larger the towel rail, the higher the BTU output.
By using a BTU calculator,  you can determine the required output necessary to adequately heat your bathroom. This will help you decide whether you can forgo a radiator to install a heated towel radiator. Or, it may confirm if it's more beneficial to keep the radiator and consider having a towel rail separate simply to heat towels.

What Are the Differences Between Radiators and Heated Towel Rails?

To work out what their ability is when effectively heating your bathroom, it's worth understanding the differences between each fixture. 
A radiator is an optimal method when heating a bathroom. Providing a larger surface area, it’s purposely designed to heat the room itself. By filling up with a large amount of hot water, a radiator provides greater heat output. Working from the home's central heating system, radiators throw out enough heat to warm the entire room, eliminating cold spaces if the bathroom's correctly insulated. 
A heated towel rail works by warming and heating the bathroom towels placed on it. Though it heats up quicker than a radiator, due to its reduced surface area, only the space close will benefit from a heated towel rails warmth. So, it's not primarily concerned with heating the room. Yet, this does work to make the area more comfortable and cosy.
Heated towel rails advantages
  • Space saving
  • Offer fantastic design choices
  • Can be installed off the floor 
  • Allow for more installation possibilities
  • Heat up swiftly
  • Can be turned off over the hot summer months
  • A more eco-friendly choice as opposed to gas
  • Provides an additional storage solution
  • Ideal for ensuites and small bathrooms
  • Prevents damp towels
Radiators advantages 
  • Provide full coverage in the room
  • Require little maintenance 
  • Offer greater warmth over the winter months
  • Can be controlled via the thermostat
  • Help keep the air and bathroom environment dry preventing dampness from building
  • Offer full comfort to all users
  • Ideal for large bathrooms

Stunning Heated Towel Rails From The Bathroom Showroom

Our Straight Towel Rail is a stunning traditional-looking towel rail. Available in a selection of finishes including white, chrome, and anthracite, this is a superb design that is simple to install. 
With a wide selection of sizes available, our straight towel rails can be found as small as 800 x 400mm to our largest size of 1800 x 600 mm.
Our Curved Towel Rail design boasts a superb chrome finish and is a stunning-looking traditional towel rail with a little depth. This is available in sizes ranging from 800 x 500 mm to 1800 x 750 mm.
For both our straight and curved towel rails, radiator valves are available to purchase separately.

What Is Best: A Heated Towel Rail or Radiator in a Bathroom?

Overall, whether you select a radiator or a heated towel rail for the bathroom will depend on both personal preference and what you're trying to achieve with either fixture. The key element here is how you're intending to use your radiator or heated towel rail. Ultimately, you could even combine the two for the penultimate in luxury bathroom designs. 
If you’re considering adding a radiator or heated towel rail, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.