When lighting a small bathroom, it’s essential to think creatively about both your lighting choices and the layout in this area. Small bathrooms can be the darker of rooms, especially when there's a lack of lighting or it’s incorrectly placed.
A poorly designed arrangement of lighting here will contribute to a sense of claustrophobia and clutter. So, it’s essential to select the right lighting choices and position them for maximum effect.
The Bathroom Showroom considers important issues such as what is the best lighting for a small bathroom and where do you put lights in a small bathroom? Offering several lighting ideas for small bathrooms that you can use for functionality, these tips will ultimately help open up and brighten this room through clever illusions.

Utilise the Focal Point of Your Small Bathroom

A crucial light choice in a small bathroom should be that placed at the centre of your room.
As the focal point, this should give off a good level of bright and clear light and illuminate the entire room, thus maximising the overall space. Yet, the light you place in the middle of a small bathroom should not be oversized so as to overwhelm the room either.
Ceiling lights, like those from the Hib range, that are flushed and fit flat, are perfect choices here, as are sealed dome lights.
Ceiling rose spotlights are popular modern choices in a small bathroom because they provide wide coverage. Light space spotlights work even better when they have four spotlights attached.
You can also opt for a pendant light choice or even a small chandelier fitting here as your centrepiece. Decorative lighting choices like the Spa range will work well to lend an attractive feature while ensuring the colour works hard to give off good bright white light.

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Mirrors and Glass Cabinets

In a small bathroom, mirrors and glass can be used to their fullest effect to encourage light to bounce off them and around the room. Best of all, there are several options for lighting up mirrors and glass cabinets, with many of them boasting anti-steam technology, like the iflo Solas Pro and Hib Connect.
Vanity mirrors are perfect choices here as they exaggerate light coverage while offering practicality for grooming tasks by illuminating a designated area.
When you fit overhead lighting above a mirror, it reflects across the entire bathroom as well as directing light to the place it’s needed the most. Picture lights, wall lights, over mirror lights and sleek wall fittings also do the job well here.
Wall spotlights can be placed at the sides or top of the mirror to light up this space. These are most beneficial for small bathrooms as they can also be positioned to direct the light exactly where it’s required around the mirror each time.
The key to getting good lighting around mirrors in a small bathroom is to keep the lights at eye level to prevent harsh light effects when using the mirrors.

Add Downlights Above the Shower

Downlights can provide practical and visually good-looking light choices to showers in small bathrooms.
What’s more, if you install downlights like those from the Pro Light range, you can alternate between warm white, white and daylight all in the one fitting. This means you can make this area of your room the focus or reduce the light here for added warmth when required.
Those shower lights that are tiltable will allow you to angle and direct the beam of the light for optional light choices too.

Consider Using Floor Lighting

Finally, a clever idea but one often overlooked in small bathrooms is that of LED uplighting in the floor.
Though considered a niche choice, recessed LED floor lights offer a concentrated light effect. This allows you to work on lighting up specific dark spots, corners and areas of a small bathroom that would otherwise struggle.

Creative Lighting for Small Bathrooms Promotes a Sense of Space

If you can incorporate multiple light sources without overloading, you can create space and improve the lighting in a small bathroom.
For an ideal solution, we recommended selecting the main centerpiece and no more than two to three additional light sources for good measure. This will ensure you get the balance right and promote the illusion of grandeur in your small but practical bathroom.
If you’re looking for further lighting tips, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.