Many of us dream about having a large bathroom space. But, for those that do have a larger bathroom area, this room can present many challenges. A larger bathroom can often look empty and feel cold, especially if you struggle to fill the room and use it to its fullest potential.
However, having a bigger bathroom also allows for increased individuality as you can use and place fixtures and accessories with more freedom here. Therefore, this room has fantastic potential to become the most comfortable and exciting room in the home.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom offers four easy ways to help you make full use of your large bathroom space.

Add Accessories for Comfort

One of the best big bathroom ideas has to be that of bathroom accessories. A comfortable seating area in the form of a chair or bench will fit perfectly in a large bathroom. This will create a place where you and other members of the home can choose to relax or tend to self-care. It also allows more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time.
Consider placing your seating area in a corner, against the bathroom wall, or even at the side of the bath for added effect. You could even match it with a small table.

Treat Yourself to a Magnificent Vanity Set

One of the most sought-after fixtures in a large bathroom is a fully-functional and spectacular looking vanity-unit.
Vanity sets arranged in and around the sink area and built into this space, can complement the decor and indeed other units to look as one.
A large double vanity that boasts under-mounted sinks and a selection of large soft drawers in the lower section will create a stunning centrepiece in a large bathroom. The iflo Galene Furniture collection with a choice of on-trend colours and a modern handleless design is visually perfect for larger bathrooms.
What's more, why not add a huge statement LED mirror above the vanity unit, like the Hib Globe? This allows you to create a multipurpose vanity area that everyone in the home can enjoy.

Make Your Storage Units Floor Standing

By installing all floor-standing units in a large bathroom, you eliminate gaps, like those you see underneath wall-hung units. This means you reduce the illusion of space.
Wall stacked storage units fitted flush against your large bathroom wall will bring an element of order to this larger room. But, they ultimately offer plentiful places to keep not just the essentials but other items you may want to have to hand in the bathroom as well.

Go All Out on Your Bath Choice

Larger bathrooms can easily accommodate a freestanding bath. Considered a more luxurious bath choice due to its vast size and standalone element, a freestanding bath finished with luxurious taps will certainly look spectacular. Better still, you can choose to make this the main focal point of your large bathroom.
Whether you choose to position it in the middle of the room or set it against a wall, a large freestanding bath means you can bathe in style.
The Roca Virginia freestanding bath is a large round, head-turning choice and, with an oversized oriental rug placed underneath it, would certainly make a statement.
Due to the larger size of this room, you can also add several finishing touches to the bath area here for ultimate relaxation. From complimentary floor-mounted bath taps, such as the Crosswater MPRO, to a luxurious large over-the-bath rack, a freestanding coat stand to hang those robes on and even a large towel radiator.
Better still, why not consider having a separate shower enclosure, like those from the iflo Aira range, as well as a freestanding bath? This will allow you to choose each time between a long luxury soak or a quick invigorating shower to suit.

A Large Bathroom Space Can Be Cosy, Functional and Stylish

Having additional room to work with allows you to inject beauty, creativity and a sense of identity into your large bathroom area.
Hopefully, these big bathroom ideas have given you the starting point to create a room that all users will look forward to spending time in.
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