When designing a sleek bathroom, downlights can add the perfect finishing touch. Installed into the ceiling, bathroom downlights are a no-nonsense minimal-fuss lighting option that provide a spectacular concentration of guided light.
Offering an ambitious placement all around the bathroom, downlights can complement your main bathroom lighting choices as task lighting. Or they can help when creating a spa-like bathroom space and even shine some light directly into the shower area itself!
Here The Bathroom Showroom showcases several of our magnificent downlight ranges offering you some bathroom lighting inspiration.

Are Downlights The Same As Spotlights?

Firstly, it’s worth clarifying the difference between downlights and spotlights, as the two are often mentioned together but have different properties.
Spotlights are lamps that can be adjusted to suit the desired angle at any time. Their purpose is to project narrow but intense light directly to a guided place. 
Downlights however offer a beam of more concentrated light that illuminates downwards. As they are recessed into the ceiling or mounted on, the position of a downlight will need to be agreed on before installation. This is because, unlike a spotlight, it can't be angled once it's installed.

Why Choose Downlights?

More and more people now opt for downlights in their bathroom designs due to several awesome factors, including:
  • Downlights have a low power consumption
  • They can draw attention to a specific area of the room
  • Are safety IP-Rated - meaning they can be placed in the shower as a practical light source
  • Boast a low-profile flush fitting that hides all the wires
  • Have no glare 
  • Are longer-lasting designs
  • Work fantastically as task lighting for baths, vanity areas, and shelving units
  • Promote a gentle, ambient, and relaxed bathroom environment
  • Can help add an extra layer of essential lighting to larger size bathrooms
  • Can act as the main lighting source in small bathrooms and downstairs toilets

What Downlights Are Suitable for Bathrooms?

At The Bathroom Showroom, we offer an incredible selection of industry-renowned downlights that will help when designing your dream bathroom.
  • 4lite Downlights
4lite downlights are smart LED lights that are ultra-modern IP54-rated compact choices. With a low-level profile design, they boast an integral driver with loop-in, loop-out terminals. This ensures ease and speed when installing them. With sleek bezel accessories available including chrome, satin chrome, and black, 4lite downlights have a colour temperature of 3000K and 4000K.
  • Aurora Downlights
Aurora downlights offer a fixed or pro fixed lighting choice that is available in energy-efficient 8W and 6W choices. As dimmable models, these downlights provide a 3000K and 4000K colour temperature, with a choice to add white, matt white, nickel stain, and polished chrome bezels separately. IP65 rated, Aurora downlights deliver an increased light distribution with a 60 degree wide beam angle. Featuring an integrated driver with a push-fit loop-in and loop-out terminal, these downlights are suitable for use with solid or stranded cable to ensure ease of installation.
  • Robus Downlights
Robus downlights are ultra-modern lighting choices that are all IP65-rated. Available in colour temperature choices of 3000K and 4000K, they provide a wattage choice of 5W and 7W, thus making them energy-efficient bathroom lights. Boasting a shallow profile that is a mere 60mm depth, all Robus downlights come complete with a white bezel as standard. Yet, there's also the option to separately purchase chrome, brushed chrome, and matt black bezels to suit. 
  • Pro-Light Downlights
Pro-Light downlights are a super-efficient LED choice, IP65 rated, which at 8W makes for a low-running cost bathroom lighting choice. These lights also offer a dimmable option to enhance the ambience of your bathroom. White, chrome magnetic, and brushed chrome bezels are included with the Pro-light downlights. And there are further options to separately purchase black, satin, and polished chrome bezels. With push-fit connectors for easy installation, there's also a colour temperature switch included here. This allows you to select between colour options, including daylight, cool white, or warm white to suit.

The Best Downlights for Bathrooms Will Make a Bathroom Shine

Protecting against moisture and helping to keep energy bills low, downlights are the perfect addition to any bathroom design. Available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, ultimately they offer you a good level of control when it comes to lighting up prefered areas of your bathroom. 
If you’re considering adding downlights, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.