Optimising Your Storage Space in Family Bathrooms

Published: 20th Apr 2022Read Time: 5 min

When several members share one family bathroom, being able to store items makes life much easier! In such heavy traffic bathrooms though, getting the best bathroom storage solutions in place is key to organisation. Without practical storage solutions here, a bathroom can become messy and cluttered. This makes it difficult to access and move around in but also hard to clean, which, in time, can cause problems. Here we offer helpful bathroom storage ideas to optimize storage space in your family bathroom.

Maximise the Potential of Your Current Bathroom Cabinets

Many of us have a variety of bathroom cabinets, such as those fitted under and above the sink. Yet, these built-in cupboards are not always used to their fullest potential.
Such hidden bathroom storage areas are often unkempt with little organisation. However, a simple and cheap solution here is to use dividers, bathroom storage baskets, trays or boxes in these cabinets.
Sectioning by each product or accessory type here, you can immediately cut clutter. You can also give everything a permanent designated place in your cabinets. Better still, why not label your storage baskets to make them easier for younger family members to use?
Freeing up space here lets you get as much into these cabinets as possible, albeit neatly, making full use of your current fixtures.

Consider Adding a Freestanding Storage Cabinet

For extra bathroom storage, when you have minimal or no fitted bathroom cabinets, why not invest in freestanding bathroom storage cabinets? Some fantastic examples here are that of the iflo Galene and iflo Serino collections.
These shelf cabinets are perfect for family bathrooms as they offer open access. They also give you the option to place certain items higher up out of reach of little hands!
Many freestanding bathroom storage cabinets have the advantage of being placed vertically or horizontally to suit your space. This makes them ideal for storing towels, toilet rolls, toiletries, medicine and even laundry hampers.
Best of all, you can allocate different levels to individuals, so everyone has a section in these multi-purpose cabinets.

Install Storage Solutions Above the Toilet

Often considered wasted space, the area above your toilet has fantastic potential for over-the-toilet storage.
By taking advantage of this area in a family bathroom, you can add fixed or floating shelves, crate-style units, metal racks, wooden ladders, over-the-toilet shelf systems, a small shelving unit or even just several plain hooks!
These ideas provide the perfect place for storing essentials such as toilet rolls, toiletries and towels. But, they also encourage decorative bathroom storage ideas.
Here you can add the odd picture frame, candle, glass jar, or plant, giving an aesthetic look to a busy family bathroom.

Try a Portable Storage Solution

Currently, a popular and on-trend item is that of a bathroom storage cart.
User-friendly choices, these cart types are accessible for all family members. Many of these models can also be wheeled around for increased practicality.
Bathroom carts give open shelf access but can also provide closed drawer options if necessary. Some cart types may even allow you to hang laundry bags on, getting all those annoying wet towels off the floor!
Bathroom storage carts are compact, making them ideal as small bathroom organisation hacks, especially for the growing family.
Many of these designs allow you to tailor them to fit your specific bathroom space. This means they can fit into narrow spots, corners or be moved around the bathroom to wherever they’re needed the most.

Add Space Saving Bathroom Ideas to a Family Bathroom With Ease

When considering bathroom storage solutions for a family bathroom, these practical suggestions make such an impact.
An organised family bathroom will encourage all members to clean up after themselves. Ultimately, it will keep the traffic flowing through effortlessly, day in and day out.
By implementing such simple solutions, you can ensure this area constantly remains clutter-free and user-friendly. So, if any of these bathroom solutions appeal to you, why not check out the many bathroom storage ideas on Pinterest?
The Bathroom Showroom account on Pinterest provides further inspiration, allowing you to create your very own visual mood board for your family bathroom.
If you’re looking for further inspiration on creating the best storage solutions in your family bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all thing’s bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.