If you’re looking for a bathroom tile that draws inspiration from the classics, while looking equally at home in modern decors, then our monthly pick this month, the Bevel, is the one for you.
The Bevel tile collection is a classical choice but one that offers a modern twist of contemporary colour. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom looks at the benefits of the Bevel, including its style, finishing, available colours, and unique design, while considering the benefits of why this bathroom tile stands out among other tile collections on the market.

The Bevel: A Classic Contemporary Bathroom Tile

The Bevel is a bathroom tile collection that wonderfully satisfies both traditional and more modern styles of bathrooms.
Taking a classical favourite and offering a stunning collection of colours, the Bevel range helps homeowners create a unique look when it comes to bathroom designs.
Best of all, with its vast selection of hues, the Bevel tile can be used with several others in the range to create spectacular feature walls. 

Bevel Colour Options 

Undeniably, a standout feature of the Bevel bathroom tiles wall collection is the amazing selection of colour options available. So, whether your preference is for whites, greys and creams or blacks and greens, the Bevel range has a colour choice that works for every taste and indeed bathroom theme.
  • White: Always on trend, the colour white works for any style and design of bathroom, offering a continual fresh look throughout.
  • Cream: For homeowners looking to add a little warmth to the colour white, cream bathroom tiles offer timeless beauty and promote a little elegance in this space. 
  • Sage: A beautifully serene colour, sage is a trendy choice for bathroom tiles. Working to create calmness, a green bathroom helps bring nature inside.
  • Light Grey: Light grey tiles enhance that feeling of freshness in the bathroom while creating a sense of space. This colour also works wonders when paired with accent colours and pastels. 
  • Dark Grey: Lending itself to elements of sophistication and design drama, dark grey in the bathroom is a popular choice when experimenting with colour. 
  • Black: Always a popular choice, using black in the bathroom shows confidence in style and creates a focal bathroom tiles design that instantly draws the eye.

Why Choose the Bevel Bathroom Tile?

  1. Bevel Edge Design: Enhancing the overall aesthetic, a bevel edge tile lends an immaculate finish to the bathroom.
  2. High Gloss Finishing: A superb benefit of the Bevel tile collection is its choice of high glossy finishing. Highly reflective, this choice of finishing helps to promote a more spacious space. 
  3. Small Format Tile: Bevel tiles are timeless small formats that help create a cosy space and promote a more intricate design overall.  
  4. Feature Wall Possibilities: Bevel tiles make for beautiful feature walls when used with other colours within the range. 
  5. Quality Materials: Bevel tiles are made from ceramic and are therefore the easier to care for while the more cost-effective tile choices. 

Expert Tip: Create a Centrepiece Feature Wall With Several Bevel Colour Choices

Mixing and making colours from the Bevel tile collection can help create a stunning feature wall, especially when these tiles are displayed in a popular bathroom tiles pattern, such as a herringbone pattern.
Consider using anything from two colours to as many as six when making a centrepiece with this tile collection for the maximum design impact. 

Get Your Bathroom Tiles From The Bathroom Showroom

By choosing tiles from the Bevel collection, you can work on creating a design that suits your unique style. Whether modern, contemporary or traditional, these luxurious and high-end bathroom tiles can help effortlessly create a masterpiece of a feature for everyone to enjoy when using this space. 
Thoroughly deserving of the title for our tile of the month, use Bevel tiles to transform your bathroom into a sought-after stylish sanctuary of relaxation and pure style. Visit our showroom, browse through our tile brochure, or read our blog to gain more bathroom inspiration.
For more information on the Bevel bathroom tile, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.