If you’re looking for a simple bathroom tile choice, yet one that oozes beauty in its design while complementing a wide range of colour schemes, then our pick of the month Grasmere could be your perfect choice. The Grasmere is a stunning organic-looking tile that boasts a most neutral of tones helping you emphasise that natural look around your bathroom. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom considers the many features and benefits of the Grasmere tile collection including its design and materials. Offering you a better understanding of Grasmere tiles, we help you see why this tile stands out among the many other bathroom tile collections on the market.

The Grasmere: A Most Organic Tile Design

The Grasmere is a bathroom tile collection that works wonders in absolutely any bathroom design thanks in large to its most neutral tones.
Taking its inspiration from the beauty and indeed irregularity of natural stone, the Grasmere is a simplistic tile but one that promotes a delightful colour palette through its organic offerings.
Exuding elegance through its lovely design, this wall tile helps bring a little of the outdoors into your bathroom.

Grasmere Colour and Pattern Options

One of the biggest standout features of the Grasmere is its use of the most organic colour palettes. Featuring a neutral tone, the Grasmere tile collection emulates a natural stone design and boasts a delightful Slate Matt hue. This makes it suitable for all bathroom designs and decors.  
  • Slate Matt: Offering a rich colour choice, Slate Matt is a timeless choice that remains on-trend when it comes to using in the bathroom space. Working exceptionally well with any theme, fixture and fitting, this is a smooth hue which helps freshen up a tired-looking space and lends itself to a natural look. Best of all, Slate Matt helps enhance that sense of relaxation to create the most harmonious space for everyone to unwind in. 

Expert Tip: Maximise Your Bathroom Design by Contrasting Grasmere Tiles With Dark Bathroom Furniture Choices

If you’re looking for an amazing contrast between your choice of bathroom furniture and bathroom wall colour, then the Grasmere tile set against dark bathrooms can work wonders as a complementary bathroom tiles design.
Grasmere tiles are superb additions when set against dark blues, greens and graphite-coloured bathroom suites and bathroom furniture collections.

Get Your Bathroom Tiles From The Bathroom Showroom

If you’re looking to jazz up your overall bathroom décor and want to find an organic tile colour, then the Grasmere bathroom tile can perfectly complement your bathroom design scheme and style.
With its beautiful colour palette and wonderful intricate detailing, this stone effect bathroom tile lends itself to a superb finishing in this space and works wonders in all rooms. 
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