Though a small addition, a flush plate can also be a sleek, stylish bathroom fitting. A thoroughly modern choice for most bathroom designs, flush plates can alienate toilet levers or handles and can even complement your current bathroom decor!
Here The Bathroom Showroom offers a quick guide to toilet flush plates while showcasing several fabulous designs from our vast range.

What Are Flush Plates?

A flush plate is a fixture that you push down on to activate the flush on your wall-hung toilet. It's connected to your toilet flushing mechanism whereby the system's water is released when you push the button down. 
There are two common types of flush plates available, including single and dual flush choices. Your choice here will depend on the flushing mechanism that you already have in place. 
A single flush plate consists of a single button that when pressed will tend to release around five litres of water. Whereas a dual flush button when pressed will release around eight to ten litres. 
Most people tend to buy flush plates as a replacement for their current one, usually when it has become worn or damaged, or simply because they want to change the design up a bit and add a little style to their bathroom!

Does Every Flush Plate Fit Every Cistern?

You'll need to ensure that you have a compatible existing wall hung toilet and toilet fixing frame when selecting a flush plate for it. As flush plates aren't universal, you’ll need to be sure when purchasing them that they'll work with your current toilet choice. Yet, the manufacturer of your toilet will offer the correct selection of additional flush plates to further help you get this decision right here.

The Bathroom Showroom Selection of Flush Plates

Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we stock several flush plate designs from industry-renowned brands, including Roca, VitrA, Grohe, and Geberit.
  • Roca Flush Plates
All our Roca flush plates are available as dual flush and offer a variety of clear finishings, including white, matt white, chrome, stainless steel, grey lacquer, matt black, white with a glass finish, and black with a glass finish. 
  • VitrA Flush Plates
Our VitrA selection of flush plates are all dual flush and offer a fantastic selection of designs. This means varied collections of circles and elongated buttons to square boxed buttons. Best of all, there’s a wide variety of finishes in this range including shiny white, matt black, chrome plated, matt plated, brushed chrome, gold, stainless steel, glass white, and glass black, to name but a few! The VitrA range also offers a thoroughly helpful anti-fingerprint flush plate.
  • Grohe Flush Plates
Providing another selection of dual flush plates, Grohe offers both horizontal and vertical button designs that boast the perfect streamlined look. These flush plates are also available in sleek starlight chrome finishings.
  • Geberit Flush Plates
The Geberit selection of dual flush plates is exceptional! With a collection of stream-lined designs, these plates include circular, oval, square, and rectangle buttons. Featuring a wide selection of finishes, Geberit flush plates are available in coated black and chrome matt, black and white chrome plated, brushed chrome, and white glass, to name just a few.

Flush Plates Are Fantastic Practical Streamlined Bathroom Fittings 

Though they're the smallest of fittings to add to your bathroom, sleek-looking flush plates can help enhance a modern bathroom decor and lend a stylish helping hand. 
If you’re considering adding a flush plate, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.