It’s easy to feel restricted by a small bathroom. You’ve got less space to move around and less scope for decoration too. The wrong choice of tiles could leave you feeling even more cooped up – but if you can get it right, you’ll be rewarded with a bigger, brighter space.
We’ve put together this guide on small bathroom tile ideas to help you do just that. Below you’ll find tips on tile colour, size, style, and layout to guide you through the selection process and help you make the most of the space you’re working with.

How to Choose Bathroom Tile Colours

Colour is often the first design element people think about when planning a bathroom project. It’s what you’ll be met with every time you open the door and can influence the mood and atmosphere that a space creates.
Lighting and light colours can be your best friend when you’re short on space. White, cream or pastel shaded wall or floor tiles will make a bathroom look and feel bigger by reflecting more light than darker tiles. This effect is amplified further if using a gloss or mother of pearl finish
But that’s not to say you should disregard dark tiles completely. You may want to incorporate a dark outline to add a sense of depth and stretch out a room’s parameters.

What is the Best Tile Size for a Small Bathroom?

Using larger tiles can help to make a small bathroom appear less cluttered and more spacious. A smaller tile means more grout lines - creating a grid-like effect that can begin to feel claustrophobic if overdone.
But, just as with tile colour, there are no strict rules here. If you’ve been inspired on your travels and want to recreate a mosaic effect for example, by all means do. Reserving tiny tiles for individual areas such as the shower or sink offers a visually effective compromise.
It’s not always easy to get a sense of what size tile is right for your bathroom when looking on a shelf or online. See if you can find a bathroom showroom near you, take a few samples home, and compare your options in situ.

An Overview of Bathroom Tile Styles

Similar to small bathroom tiles, patterned designs can make a space feel busier and cramped if used to excess. But again, they can help to add character too – you may just want to use a mix of patterned and plain tiles to retain balance.
This could mean placing patterned tiles in small individual areas or using them around the lower parts of your bathroom walls. Installing lighter-coloured plain tiles above can draw the eye upwards and create a more expansive feel.
Then there’s the finish. As discussed earlier, shinier tiles - gloss, ceramic, or glass - will reflect light and make your bathroom feel larger. Textured or ceramic finishes add an extra design element, while wood effect tiles are an especially popular choice for bathroom floors.

Bathroom Tile Patterns

How and where you lay tiles can also have a big impact on the look and feel of a small bathroom.One smart layout idea is brick bond, which involves laying tiles so that the joins between them are staggered from one row to the next. This reduces the grid effect we mentioned above when discussing small tiles. A distinctive chevron pattern – featuring rows of zig zagging parallelograms joined end to end – can also trick the eye in tight spaces.When it comes to choosing where to tile, again it’s often best to strike a balance. You won’t want to use one style everywhere or try to incorporate too many different ones either. Try to maintain a sense of flow between walls and fixtures to enhance the space you have.

How to Calculate How Many Tiles You Need For a Bathroom

Planning out the area you want to tile and then writing down measurements is the best place to start. You can then order enough tiles to match or speak to an expert in store to get their advice. Our showroom team are always more than happy to help.It’s generally a good idea to buy a little more than you need. This will cover you for any breakages or cuttings and save having to put your project on hold while you order or pick up more tiles.

Turn your small bathroom tile ideas into reality with The Bathroom Showroom

Whatever your preferred tile colour, size, and style, we can help. We stock a wide range of wall and floor tiles and tiling accessories to help bring your ideas to life. Book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom, and let our team of experts turn your dream bathroom into a reality.