A stylish bathroom worktop is a perfect way to add an interesting feature to this space. One of the most practical additions to the bathroom, a worktop offers an essential working surface for all users. Yet, if you can select a stunning choice here, you can also make this your bathroom statement or focal piece.
Adding a stylish bathroom worktop to your room is a simple task and ideal for rejuvenating the area. Worktops can be added as a standalone fitting, or fully complement your choice of bathroom suite.
Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we look at worktops for the bathroom, considering how they could help you finish your dream bathroom design. 

What is a Bathroom Worktop?

A bathroom worktop is a solid surface countertop that can be placed over or on several bathroom fixtures. Most commonly, bathroom worktops are used to create more surface space over units, drawers, toilet units, and vanity areas. Often considered an extension, they’re a practical solution for storing items permanently and when users need to complete their daily bathroom tasks.

What Type of Material is a Bathroom Worktop?

One of the most popular choices of bathroom countertop material is laminate. However, you'll also find other choices including concrete, ceramic/porcelain tile, natural stone, and solid-surface.
Laminate is considered the more accessible as it’s an inexpensive material and available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Yet, it's a substantially lightweight material and often not the friendliest of DIY projects when creating a custom-sized design.  
Concrete is deemed to be the most on-trend of countertop materials and remains a most durable and strong choice. Yet, it usually needs specialist installation and if it does crack, will need an entire replacement as it’s not a repairable material choice. 
Ceramic or porcelain tile worktops are easier to install and DIY-friendly options. With a wide selection of design options, they remain the more affordable of designs. Yet, tiles can crack under impact while the grout lines between tiles will need regular and careful maintenance. 
Natural stone bathroom worktops boast a premium-looking material and a premium-looking finish, making them ideal for luxury bathroom designs. Natural stone countertops are also unique, with no two worktops ever the same. Yet, such quality comes at a price, with natural stone being the most expensive countertop material. Some often find natural stone worktops more demanding regarding ongoing maintenance also. 
Solid surface countertops are claimed to be the easier material to care for and effortlessly shaped while providing consistent patterns and colouring. Yet, these are the more challenging worktops to find for DIY projects. Some tend to find the look of stone worktops a little artificial, while others claim this material often scorches when the heat of curling irons, for example, comes into contact with it.

Can I Use Any Type of Worktop in the Bathroom?

It’s important to select a worktop that's suitable for the bathroom environment. Bathroom countertops tend to be slightly shorter and thinner than those designated for the kitchen. They will also need to cope with a lot of wear and tear in this room which a kitchen worktop may not be able to handle. This includes ongoing exposure to moisture, alongside specific bathroom substances, stains, and cleaning products.

Can a Bathroom Worktop Be Cut To Size?

With such a wide variety of bathroom worktop sizes available, it’s easy selecting a size that works with your current bathroom space. Getting a good fit here will ensure you don’t have any unnecessary waste. However, you can also cut your bathroom worktop to size by using a jigsaw.

Bathroom Worktops From The Bathroom Showroom

At The Bathroom Showroom, we offer a tremendous selection of stylish worktops you can use in your bathroom for maximum design impact.
With reputable brands including Ideal Standard to Roca, Britton to Atlanta, and Heritage to iflo, and from slim to standard sizes, there’s a bathroom worktop to suit all decor and preferences.

Worktops for Bathrooms Can Add an Overall Stunning Aesthetic to This Space

Durable, hygienic, and resilient, a worktop specially made for the bathroom environment can add a focal point to this space or coordinate beautifully with your current design features. Overall, one of the most practical bathroom additions, worktops are a sound investment for this room as they offer increased functionality and practicality and allow all users to get more done when using this environment. 
If you’re considering adding a stylish bathroom worktop, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.