When designing the most opulent of bathroom styles, marble is the most indulgent addition of them all. Graceful, timeless and simply oozing style, it’s little wonder that it’s a go-to for many dream bathroom designs. With marble mania currently trending in the world of bathroom decor, this material was once favoured by Romans when designing their bathrooms!
Here The Bathroom Showroom considers the phenomenon of marble mania and shows you how to effectively re-create the effect on your bathroom. Whether creating an entire marble bathroom or simply adding selective marble-inspired fittings, there's something for all.

Is Marble Suitable for Bathrooms?

Firstly, many people often wonder at the effectiveness of using such a luxurious material in bathrooms. Fortunately, marble is a stone material, meaning it's naturally water-resistant. So, this makes it a sound practical choice for this room type.
When using marble in bathrooms, the effect is undeniably luxurious but ultimately sleek and clean. Offering an element of space to the room, marble can also add incredible warmth when you light it up.

Why Is the Marble Look So Popular in Bathrooms?

  • Marble always looks clean, sleek, and polished
  • It’s a minimal material but you will find dashes of colour and patterns to suit also, alongside a hint of textured surfaces
  • A most indulgent choice for the bathroom
  • Marble never really goes out of fashion
  • You can create an entire marble space
  • You can simply add just a few marble fixtures and fittings to suit
  • This material choice is perfect when mixing and matching and will complement almost anything!

What Goes With a Marble Bathroom?

The best aspect about marble is that it can be used almost effortlessly with any other decor, colour scheme, and bathroom fixtures and fittings. Whether your taste is modern or traditional, contemporary or classic, marble is a fantastic natural element that just works. 
From a marble bathroom with gold fixtures to a marble bathroom with black fixtures the possibilities are endless with this material. 

Easy Ways to Add Marble In Your Bathroom

Recreating a marvellous marble effect in any bathroom, whether big or small is so easy. The Bathroom Showroom offers a varied stunning selection of marble-related bathroom products that can be used through your tiles, wall panels, flooring, worktops, and even in your bath choice!

Using Marble for Bathroom Tiles

Our beautiful collection of marble tiles is simply stunning and is guaranteed to transform your bathroom space. 
Beta - Available as ceramic and porcelain tiles, the Beta range boasts premium Calacatta marble-effect tiles. With a choice of gloss finish and semi-polished finishes, the result is a shimmering luxurious solution that encourages a luxurious look. Yet, with its premium finish, the Beta range eliminates the need for sealing or special maintenance.
Paloma - Ceramic marble-effect tiles with a glossy surface, the Paloma tile range is a stunning design of light grey or beige shades. Offering a contemporary tonal effect, their gloss finish encourages bounces light around the room, totally opening up the space. 
Lux Marble - Fully on trend, Lux Marble tiles are a premium finish with their grey body and straight rectified edges. A hard-wearing porcelain choice these tiles catch the light with their subtle semi-polished finish and make for a contemporary and sophisticated bathroom addition. 
Metro Calacatta - A striking ceramic tile choice, the Metro Calcutta range is a perfect bathroom option that merges classic with contemporary. A glossy Metro bevel tile combined with a calacatta marble design, this range is subtle but inspiring with a superb finish that can be laid in a variety of patterns. 
Glide - Finally, for a neutral tone of pure white with a most gentle veining to finish, the Glide tile range is a charming bathroom addition. Available as porcelain and ceramic tiles, this is a carrara marble option that boasts seamless installation. Perfect for feature walls, the Glide range allows for coordinating linear decors. 

Using Marble for Bathroom Wall Panels

Wall panels are great alternatives to tiling your bathroom wall and offer fabulous designs to complement the marble theme. The Bathroom Showroom offers a vast and varied selection of wall panels that feature marbling in their design, including:
  • The Tile Collection - Featuring Levanto Marble and Valmasino Marble
  • Linda Barker Collection - Featuring Calacatta Marble
  • Multipanel Classic Collection - Featuring Classic Marble,  Grey Marble, and Antique Marble
  • Mermaid Timeless Laminate Collection - Featuring White Marble
  • Mermaid Elite Wall Panelling Collection - Featuring Athena Marble, Milano Marble, and Himalayan Marble

Using Marble In Bathroom Worktops

From the Heritage Caversham Kirkham furniture range comes a marble single-length worktop. Atlanta Bathrooms also have a Carrara Marble worktop, in a stylish laminate finish with depths available to suit.

Using Marble Baths

Finally for the penultimate marble-inspired bathroom addition the Heritage Wenlock is a stunning freestanding bath choice. Perfect for making a statement, this is the luxury bath choice that will certainly take centre stage.

Design Your Bathroom Using The Marble Mania Trend

Hopefully, this short informative article has given you plentiful bathroom inspiration on what you can achieve when creating your own marble-inspired bathroom. 
If you’re considering adding marble to your bathroom design and would like some expert help, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.