Are you looking to brighten or transform your bathroom space but need some bathroom inspiration? When it comes to lighting your bathroom, getting the best fixtures here is all about balance. With many people using this room of the home and performing several regular tasks, bathroom lighting needs to be multifunctional. Yet, just because it’s practical doesn't make it boring. Picking out bathroom light fixtures can be a fun project. All you need to do is divide your bathroom into three areas. The Bathroom Showroom has some fabulous lighting ideas to brighten your space by concentrating on feature lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

How to Style Your Bathroom With Cool Bathroom Lights

1. Create a Central Show-Stopping Main Feature Light 
A gorgeous bathroom design deserves a focal statement lighting piece. This is where you can go to work, selecting a lighting choice that emphasises your stunning bathroom suite.
Usually placed in the middle of the room, your statement piece will act as feature lighting and draw the eye.
Here you can choose to go for a spectacular decorative piece like that of a chandelier fixture, an oversized light, or something that sparkles.
A detailed chandelier suspended from the bathroom ceiling will enhance this room entirely. What’s more, when placed strategically to catch the natural light, the crystals will shimmer throughout the bathroom as the sun catches them.
The Spa Vela is a stunning five-light flush-fitting bathroom chandelier. Boasting a steel and glass construction, this glass-finished light is the masterpiece of bathroom ceiling lights. With its clear crystal droplets, its elegant design will bring a touch of glamour to any bathroom. 
If dramatic fixtures like chandeliers aren't your thing, then a flush ceiling light like the Spa Carina is a quieter showstopper. With its clear, glass ceiling plate combined with an opal glass diffuser, this is bathroom lighting inspiration at its finest.

2. Create Flattering Task Lighting Using Layers

With a central lighting source in place, it’s time to turn your attention to task lighting.
Predominantly concentrated near the vanity area, there’s so much scope to add fabulous decorative lighting choices here around the mirror, basin, and cabinets. 
Task lighting needs to be bright to get the job done. But at the same time, you want something not overly harsh here. The trick to fabulous decorative lighting then is to avoid creating unflattering shadows and steer clear from downlights placed right above your head.
Layering task lighting is perfect as you can add more than one stunning light choice to suit each task and work to the requirements of more than one person using the bathroom.
For magnifying tasks such as shaving, a circular magnifying mirror like the Spa Apus is superb. This mirror boasts LED lights around a functional magnifying mirror and is a modern, polished wall-mounted decorative piece.
For makeup and hair tasks, adding lights on either side of your main mirror provides a balanced lighting option and is on-trend. The Spa Hollywood bathroom wall light works perfectly as an LED retro light option.

3. Don’t Forget Those Ambient Finishing Touches 

For the penultimate in decorative bathroom lighting, no bathroom is complete without ambient lighting fixtures. Specific lighting finishes can add character and create several different moods and scenes throughout the bathroom.
These lights choices are usually standalone lights that perhaps double up as a night light feature, or something that merely serves the function of showing off that gorgeous bathroom design to all those who visit this room.
Bathroom wall lights like the Spa Corvus add lower-level light effects and can be dimmed to match your mood. 
Additionally, picture lights like the Spa Cali with their polished chrome finishings emphasise fabulous artwork or decorative bathroom fixtures. 
For increased drama and interest, bathroom LED mood lighting can lift the room's energy, making it a perfect ambient lighting choice. 
The Rhythm Bluetooth bathroom ceiling light has a wonderful selection of 12 colours. With LED illustration and colour changing temperature from 3000 to 6000 k this small but powerful light can be positioned to suit. Most importantly it can help you achieve a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom whenever you need it most.

Good Decorative Lighting Can Transform Your Entire Bathroom

Beautiful bathroom lighting can help highlight certain areas, change the mood, and add a wow factor to the room. Simple but effective, getting the right decorative lighting choices will create a dream bathroom that you’ll love returning to time and time again.
For more guidance on selecting the best bathroom lighting, check out our lighting buying guide.
If you're looking for help choosing the best lighting, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.