If you’re looking for a trendy bathroom tile that combines style, functionality, and affordability then our pick of the month the One tile is a hugely popular choice promoting a great deal of bathroom inspiration. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom delves into the highlights of the One tile, including its design, and colours, while exploring just why it stands the test of time in the bathroom. We also consider whether this could be the perfect bathroom tile for your room's décor.

One is A Stunning Bathroom Tile Collection

The One tile works splendidly with Dark Drama bathroom inspiration and is always on-trend. Promoting a luxurious look and offering bold patterns, this is a tile collection that works with so many bathroom styles and preferences.
Effortlessly designed, the varied patterning of the One tile collection blends modernness with timelessness and is perfect for creating a feature wall in the bathroom.

The One Bathroom Tile Collection Colour and Pattern Options 

One of the standout features of the One is the exclusive choice of pattern options it offers homeowners:
Monochrome Colouring: Always on trend, the One tile is a thoroughly modern monochrome colour. Monochrome is a stylish choice for tiles as it creates a striking finish in the bathroom. Increasing that dramatic ambience, monochrome tiles, that is bathroom tiles white and black, complement so many bathroom suites.
9 Different Patterns: There are no less than nine patterns to select from the One tile Collection! This allows homeowners to create the most unique design variations, truly making this space one of a kind and all from the one tile. Such a unique option also allows both the floor and wall to vary in pattern if preferred for maximum impact.

Why Choose the ‘One’ Bathroom Tile?

  • Quality Crafting: The One tile collection is 8mm thick and boasts commercial-grade anti-slip properties. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, each tile is heavyweight and tough enough to withstand the bathroom environment long-term.  
  • Superb Material: The One bathroom tile is made from porcelain. A more dense material choice when compared to ceramic, porcelain tiles are hard-wearing. This makes them ideal for both bathroom walls and bathroom floors. 
  • Versatile Features: The One bathroom tile works well whether used throughout the bathroom or as a feature of the focus wall. Thanks to its unique patterning, it also enhances that sought-after luxurious look while working equally well with many other tile collections, whether plain or coloured.
  • Affordability: Despite its vast choice of patterns and exceptional quality makeup, the One tile is fantastically priced, making it accessible for a wide range of budgets. This ensures all homeowners can add it to their bathroom projects with ease without going over budget.
  • Vast Design Options: Ultimately, the One bathroom tile allows for a staggering range of patterns to choose from with its potential variations upon installation. This marks it a hit with so many different types of bathroom styles and bathroom designs. 

Our Expert Bathroom Tile Tip: Mix and Match The One Tile For Maximum Impact

If you’re looking to make a statement in your bathroom, the Confetti tile is a perfect addition when complementing the One Tile.
Helping you complete the look and add a unique style to your space, Confetti tiles are also on-trend choices. Yet with their coloured flecks, they break up the patterning of the One collection and bring a touch of colour to the décor. 

Get Your Bathroom Tiles From The Bathroom Showroom

Upgrading and modernising your bathroom has never been easier. And with the One bathroom tile collection you can ensure your bathroom remains on trend while promoting a stunning finish. 
With its amazing array of patterning and superb finishing the One tile collection undeniably stands out as our top pick for this month. 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and style. Browse our tile brochure, visit our showroom, or check out our blog for further bathroom inspiration today. 
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