The modern bathroom is increasingly viewed as a private oasis of calm and tranquility - a comfortable, reliable sanctuary where you can fully relax. Whether you enjoy a long soak after a hard day's work, or an energising shower on a Saturday morning, we Brits love our bathrooms. Everyone deserves a space to unwind in, and thanks to modern technology, these simple home renovations can turn an ordinary bathroom into a personal refuge of relaxation.

Blissful baths

Ask people about which part of their home they enjoy relaxing in, and the bath will come up time and time again - a cosily lit, pleasantly scented, and warm environment where all you need to think about is keeping the water temperature just right. It's no wonder so many people love soaking in the tub for long periods, especially considering the increasingly busy and stressful lives we all lead nowadays.
If you're considering renovating your bathroom and know that regular relaxation is high on your list of priorities, it's worth bearing in mind the different innovations and features that different types of baths can offer. For example, modern baths are designed with heat retention in mind. This means that you can bathe comfortably for longer periods without having to top up the bath with warm water. iflo's contemporary and classic EVO baths fit into this category.

Size matters

Also, you might want to consider the height of the people who will be using your bath. This will affect the size of the unit you'll need so that everyone can fully relax (after all, there's nothing worse than a bath with your feet poking out).For families with young children, opting for a larger bath may be more cost-effective in the long run, as you won't have to replace it when they hit a growth spurt in their teens. Little tips like these can make a big difference down the line financially.Of course, the size of your bathroom could present practical considerations that you need to take into account. Often, choosing the best bath for your home is about striking a balance - you'll want something that's large enough to lie back in comfortably, but not so big that it has to be squashed awkwardly into the available space. Measure the dimensions of your space precisely, then have a browse through iflo's brochure of baths: they include a range of shapes and sizes to suit different room layouts.

Stimulating showers

Showers provide a different type of relaxation to a bath. While you might be inclined to lie back in the bath with a good book, some chilled out music, and lots of bubbles, a steamy shower is a faster way to clear your head and gather your thoughts after a long or stressful day.When choosing a shower for a newly renovated bathroom, focus on features that will help you to achieve zen-like bliss on a daily basis. Nothing ruins a reflective moment like an unexpected blast of icy cold water. To tackle this common problem, iflo's Mix & Match range are engineered with a thermostatic valve, maintaining an ideal temperature for the duration of your shower.The enclosure that you choose to shower in will also have an effect on how relaxed you feel. The open, spacious feeling of a wet room, such as the stunning open-plan option Kalhatti, can provide a low maintenance alternative to traditional shower enclosures. What's more, it gives you extra physical space to fully immerse yourself in your own thoughts.

Combining the two

If you enjoy the benefits of both showers and baths but don't have space for both, you may decide to opt for the popular hybrid option of a showerbath.
You needn't compromise with one of these versatile and popular bathroom fixtures either, as models such as iflo's Rennes EVO showerbath provide the same heat-retention as standalone baths. The matching bath screen is also a reliable way of keeping your floor dry during everyday showers, as well as efficient space saving.
If you truly want the best of both worlds however, then utilising the showerbath's space when showering can be truly blissful - lay down, and crank up the heat for a classic bathing experience.
If you need help selecting the perfect shower or bath for your bathroom, just head into your local Bathroom Showroom where one of our experts will be on hand to talk you through the different options.