Bathrooms are our inner sanctum. The place where we can shut out the world, sink into some bubbles and wash our worries away. If you’re looking for the Champneys spa experience without the price tag, you can easily transform your home bathroom into your very own luxury spa bathroom. And all you need is a relaxing shower or warm bath, and a few bathroom accessories.

Clear the clutter

Clutter around the house is one of the biggest causes of stress, which isn’t great for creating a luxury spa experience. But clearing the clutter is the easiest way to evoke those relaxed vibes.
Throw away any lotions and potions that you no longer use or are past their use-by date and store any children’s bath toys in baskets that can easily be put away after use.
For the ultimate luxury spa bathroom, decant your shampoos and lotions into beautiful bottles, and store cotton wool and earbuds in glass decanters.
Open shelves are great for showcasing candles, fragrances, and expertly rolled towels, while everything else should be neatly tidied away.

Go dark

You might think that painting your house bathroom all white would make it feel more like a spa, but in fact it could end up feeling cold and clinical. Luxury spas are all about feeling cocooned and cosy.Opt for a dark rich colour palette with antiqued gold hardware. Navy colours and forest greens help evoke a truly opulent feel, even if your luxury bathroom is small. You’ll be surprised by the effect that these dark colours will have, especially when paired with other luxe touches.Switching up your hardware can be as simple as changing doorknobs and cupboard handles. And don’t forget an antique-esque round mirror to pull the whole scheme together.

Add some plants

Houseplants became a massive trend in 2020, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Not only do houseplants add texture to an interior, they promote a sense of wellbeing. Known for their air-purifying credentials, adding plants to your bathroom will help transport you to far flung destinations.Try plants that thrive in humid conditions, like bamboo, ferns, and aloe vera. You can even tie a bunch of eucalyptus around the shower head and bathroom taps and allow the fragrance to clear your sinuses.

Use mood lighting and music

One of the most notable things about a spa experience is the relaxing atmosphere and soft lighting. You can easily create a similar experience by mimicking this at home. Warm white shower lights create a cosy feel and installing a dimmer switch will make it easier to evoke a relaxed ambiance. If you really want to up the spa experience ante, bathroom accessories like scented candles in earthy fragrances like oud and frankincense will add to the luxury bathroom atmosphere.And don’t forget the relaxing music. If panpipes and waterfalls aren’t your thing, there are plenty of spa-inspired playlists on Spotify to give you a bit of inspiration. For a truly immersive experience invest in a waterproof speaker, so even when you’re submerged you can still enjoy those soothing sounds.

Luxury extras

Of course, if you’re wanting to give your bathroom a complete overhaul, you might want to consider laying underfloor heating for a truly sumptuous luxury bathroom. Remarkably easy to lay, underfloor heating kits will help keep you toasty on even the coldest winter night or morning.And when you’ve had enough soaking, you’ll want to wrap up in a large fluffy towel. For a five-star experience add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to your towels, and you’ll enjoy a great night’s sleep too. For the ultimate luxury bathroom accessory – nothing says indulgent spa experience quite like a monogrammed towelling robe.If you’re feeling inspired to transform your bathroom into a truly decadent spa experience, then book an appointment with one of our talented in-house designers. And, for more bathroom inspiration, download our brochure and get planning your perfect spa bathroom.