What better way to show off your personality in the bathroom than by using bathroom tiles? Creatively tiled areas can inject flair into this room. What's more, they are an inexpensive design aid while remaining on-trend. Tile collections offer vast colours, styles, patterns, designs, and textures. They can also be used all around the bathroom from top to bottom, to suit. Here we offer creative bathroom tile ideas that create spectacular tiled focal points.

How Do You Create a Focal Point in a Bathroom?

Use Tiles Behind the Toilet

Few of us give much thought to the space at the back of the toilet. But this often neglected space can be a prime place for creative tiling. 
Better still, if you have a modern wall-hung toilet, a section of tiles will work wonderfully here by making the most of the illusion of space. 
A backdrop of toilet wall tiles will freshen up this area, encouraging a cleaner, streamlined look. This allows you to create a space that you’ll no longer feel like covering up.
Soft colours work well behind the toilet area by eliminating that clinical and stark look. The Glide, Skyla, and Split Face Effect ranges are stunning natural-looking tiles that add warmth and elegance.

Use Tiles Around the Basin

By tiling the area around your bathroom basin, you create an immediate splashback. But, as well as protecting the walls, this tiled section can also be an impressive focal part of the room. 
As many basin areas are small, you can easily use smaller intricate tiles here. Detailed patterns, like the beautiful on-trend Soleil, work well above the basin areas and offer a variety of patterns. 
Mosaic bathroom tiles like the Emperador and Cream Beige Pearl, add warmth and depth to a bathroom. 
Adding a bit of detail to your basin area gives this space character and depth. If you have a countertop basin, your tile choice can also enhance this impressive bathroom feature.

Use Tiles Around the Shower and Bath Area

Tiles can highlight and accentuate your bath and look fantastic running along the top wall above it. If this is the only area you want to tile, you can opt for colour here to jazz up this section of the bathroom. Featuring heavily right now is the Colour Pop trend. Bright, bold, and making your bathroom go pop, South Bank and Form tiles offer eye-catching tile choices to complete this look. 
These choices can be used for a prominent shower feature wall. Working with bathroom shower tiles can result in exciting projects that work hard to add an element of interest to this area. They also brighten up a room instantly.

Use Tiles Around a Mirror

Adding a stunning tile pattern around a mirror can bring more attention to it. Whether you tile under and around the mirror or the entire wall, this will certainly be a highlight of your bathroom. You can even start from this centrepiece and work your way out into the bathroom based on your tile choice here. 
For a dramatic and luxurious look, why not go for bold, rich bathroom wall tiles like Form and Bevel which boast a spectacular high gloss finish? These also provide a superb on-trend colour palette to choose from. 
The South Bank and City ranges also work hard at bouncing natural light. This makes them perfect for placing around a feature mirror.

Use Tiles as a Feature Wall

If you have a wall in your bathroom that you want to draw attention to, tiles can make it a gorgeous feature wall. 
Timelessly sophisticated choices here, such as the Art Rock, work perfectly for this purpose. With simple finishes and subtle sheens, they boast a fabulous stone effect. This ensures you get just the right amount of contemporary detailing.
Tiling feature walls in a bathroom adds colour, style, and individuality even when you want to keep your fixtures and fittings plain and simple. 
Whether you use large bathroom tiles, small bathroom tiles or a mixture of the two, here you can showcase a bold design statement or set the tone and mood for the entire room.

Use Tiles to Create a Dado Rail Effect

Finally, some striking designs in bathrooms come from a balance of tiles halfway up a wall and then painted above it. The result is a dado rail effect which you can use to contrast colour and style. 
This doesn't have to be in an area that needs waterproofing but rather makes for stunning decor. Best of all, you can use this idea all around the bathroom or define a zone of your room. 
Ideal for adding a tiled focal point without overwhelming, here you can go to town with your bathroom colour ideas while keeping the top half of the wall a neutral shade to balance out.

Feature Bathroom Tiles Can Be Placed Throughout Your Bathroom

From tiling small specific areas for maximum effect to emphasising features, fixtures, fittings, and surroundings, tiles can create as many focal points in your bathroom as required. 
If this article has sparked your interest, why not look for further bathroom inspiration using bathroom tiles in our jam-packed tiles brochure?
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