Wall panels can enhance and transform a bathroom. Offering an alternative to tiling, they do so with minimal fuss and mess. Yet, a fantastic aspect of bathroom wall panels is their stunning visual effect. Wall panels offer variations in colour, theme, style, tone, and texture. They can also be subtle or bold to suit your design needs.
Whatever your preference, they provide unique options when designing your dream bathroom. Bathroom wall panels can also help insulate and cover up certain areas. That is as well as making a statement wall or transforming the entire room. The Bathroom Showroom provides three simple wall panelling ideas to complement a stunning bathroom design.

Wall Panel Design Ideas to Suit Any Bathroom 

The Natural Look:

The natural world offers superb scope for bathroom inspiration. Nowhere is this more achievable than with natural-looking bathroom wall panels. 
Taking inspiration from the natural world, The Linda Barker Collection provides nature-inspired wall panels. These capture this look in its entirety. Cool hues and organic patterns refresh the bathroom, bringing the outdoors in. 
From Concrete Elements and Stone Elements to Salvage Planked Elm. It's easy to select a colour scheme here to reflect the natural-world. 
A natural panelling scheme is complemented by marble, stone, and wood fixtures and fittings.
Fully immerse your bathroom in the natural theme with Riverstone floor tiles. These display an astounding natural pebble texture. The Rockingham Walnut Matt tiles also offer a distressed wood effect to seal this look. 
To finish, add several plants around your bathroom. This will visually boost your nature-inspired decor.

The Elegant Look:

For a magnificent bathroom elegance, the Elite Collection of wall panels exudes beauty. 
It’s not just the selection of colours and textures making this a refined wall panel choice. The sheer construction of the Elite Collection ensures post-formed edges, as well as trim-free designs. This results in a seamless and luxurious-looking finish.
From Arbruzo to Linea and Migliore to Padova, each Elite Collection colour choice is a showstopping piece.
An elegant panelling scheme is enhanced by ageless grey tones and mesmerising gold accessories.
Add a timeless and sophisticated look to your elegant bathroom here with Art Rock floor tiles. With premium rectified glazed porcelain, these tiles offer a semi-polished finish. Whether in Grigio Lappato or Bone Lappato, this tile collection ensures a subtle sheen. This helps your flooring to catch the light beautifully.

The Modern Look:

When selecting modern wall panelling, the Mermaid Collection offers a spectacular choice. This popular selection includes plentiful colours, textures, and patterns. What's more, when installed this durable collection gives the appearance of glass.
Here you’re spoilt for choice with pastels and patterned acrylic wall panelling to laminate wall panelling. Boasting unique solutions, including Graphite Sparkle, Soft Yellow Pastel, and Black Florals, these wall panels remain on-trend. 
The Mermaid Collection has a waterproof finish and is the easiest panelling choice to install.
Modern panelling schemes are complemented perfectly with trendy matt black accessories.  
When it comes to flooring, tiles like those from the Leeds collection work to coordinate with modern wall panels. With an elongated format, these are flat and structured ceramic tiles. Displaying a contemporary look, equally they remain durable choices.

Decorative Wall Panelling Effortlessly Creates a Dream Bathroom

Requiring very little maintenance, wall panels complement any bathroom design, making this room a talking point.
Adding character and charm, wall panelling also brings an element of warmth to your bathroom as a back-drop.
If you’re considering adding wall panelling, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.