A charming addition, bathroom houseplants can help make a bathroom feel like a retreat! Adding plants to a room reduces stress, calms the body and mind, and helps you unwind. A quick and easy way to create a lush green oasis, the bathroom environment is the perfect condition for an array of moisture-loving plants. Whether you use hanging pots, shelves, a bathroom plant stand, or the windowsill, dotting several high-humidity plants around this room will create a sensational ambience. Here are five plants that thrive in bathrooms to add to your room with ease.

1. Sansevieria

More commonly known as snake plants, Sansevierias are low-maintenance plants and super easy to care for. Perfect for those who forget to water regularly, they also rarely need repotting.
Making for wonderful air-purification, Sansevierias remove toxins in the air while producing oxygen throughout the night. 
Hardworking choices, snake plants, provide a delightful display of upright sword-like foliage that looks fabulous on show. 
Brilliant for beginners of house plants, Sansevierias tolerate low light. Ultimately, they thrive in high humidity environments, therefore are perfect for bathrooms.

2. Phalaenopsis 

No bathroom is complete without an orchid plant, in particular, that of the common moth orchid. Widely available and boasting a stunning selection of colours and patterns, a phalaenopsis thrives on daily misting and high humidity. 
These are bathroom plants that absorb moisture, so they’re perfect additions that just require light, natural or artificial.
Best of all, orchids can't help but brighten up the immediate environment. With their delicate and elegant flower displays, orchids offer a generous blooming time. 
With little care required, an orchid in the bathroom is a delightful addition and can even be colour coordinated to match your bathroom decor.

3. Scindapsus

Widely referred to as pothos or devil's ivy, this is the perfect plant for growing in hanging baskets and dotting around the bathroom.
If you're looking for quick results and a plant that grows rapidly then pothos is your plant.
Another plant that thrives on misting, pothos has several green leaf varieties and is a straightforward plant to care for.
Pothos doesn't mind low levels of lighting but one of its biggest advantages is that it thrives in humid environments, like the bathroom.
Best of all, this is a bushy trailing and climbing plant variety that can provide Insta-worthy decor results in an instant.

4. Aloe 

Perfect for displaying on the bathroom windowsill, an aloe plant is a self-sufficient one that requires very little attention.
Available in vast shapes, sizes, and varieties, these are succulent plants that many people buy just because they look fabulous.
However, having aloe vera in the bathroom offers a healing plant choice. These plants provide medicinal qualities, making them ideal for skincare, insect bites, and sunburn. Simply snip a little off the end of their leaves and use the gel sap for an instant soothing reliever. 
An elegant and upright fleshy plant choice, aloes are an architectural delight for all bathrooms.

5. Dracaena sanderiana

Finally, for the perfect bathroom zen plant, another humidity-loving plant is the lucky bamboo variety. Better still, this plant can be grown in water, eliminating the need for soil.
Bamboo thrives in low light, making this a fantastic low-maintenance bathroom choice. Better still, with so many unique shapes and designs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
Another fabulous feature of bamboo is that it grows quickly. So, if you’re after a decorative plant to create decor harmony, then lucky bamboo is a spectacular long-term choice.

Good Bathroom Plants Offer Fantastic Ongoing Benefits 

The perfect way to instantly boost the look of your room, bathroom-loving plants can also encourage a healthier living environment.
By bringing the outdoors in, adding an element of greenery to your bathroom can work wonders for overall well-being.
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